Examination and Evaluation System



End Semester Examinations for all Programmes shall commence on the same day as per the schedule approved by the examination committee. However in case of any emergency the Chairman, examination committee is empowered to reschedule any examination.


Question paper setter / Practical examiner is from outside the college.  The paper setters shall have at least three years of teaching experience and at least one-year experience of teaching the course for which appointment is to be made. The practical examiner appointed from outside (Industry/ Organization/ Field) he/she shall have at least two years of professional experience in the related field. Paper setters should prepare the scheme of evaluation, giving guidelines for the examiners for distribution of marks for different points in the question. In case of numerical problems, solution of the problems with distribution of marks for different stages should be given in scheme of marking.


In order to make evaluation system perfect and to do justice to all the students, “Double valuation” system is introduced. According to this procedure each theory paper of end-semester examination will be evaluated independently by internal examiner and external examiner. The first valuation of the answer scripts should be done by the internal faculty, teaching the subject. The second evaluation should be done by faculty outside the college. These examiners will award the marks on different award lists without marking on the answer books. These two award lists will be compared by the Controller of Examinations. If the difference between these two valuations is within the prescribed limits, the higher marks will be awarded to the student. If the differences are more than the prescribed limit the answer script will be sent by the Controller of Examinations to an examiner other than the first two examiners. The above examination procedure, make the foolproof examination and justified evaluation.


If student is not satisfied with End Semester Examination result a facility for personal verification of the answer book is made available. A candidate desirous for Personal Verification of End Semester Examination Answer Script shall be required to apply in prescribed form along with requisite fees in which he/ she has appeared within two weeks from the date of issue of marks memo.

For personal identification purpose the candidate is allowed to examine the photocopy of the valued answer script, with marks hidden. The candidate is not permitted to be accompanied by any other person or persons, for personal identification. The role of the candidate, in Personal identification, is limited to identifying the answer script whether it belongs to him / her.