B. Tech. – Information Technology Student Project Work (2009-2010)

Student Project Work (2009-2010)

Faculty In-house R & D Projects
  1. The campus networking using 3 kilometer long fiber optic cable was carried by Prof. L. V. Narasimha Prasad at a cost of Rs. 5 Lakhs during 2007-2008.
  2. Mr. R. Madana Mohana, Associate Professor is carrying out the Placement and Training Centre smart card access system to all the interview rooms at a cost of Rs. 2 Lakhs during 2008-2009
  3. Mr. A. Bhanu Prasad, Associate Professor is carrying out the Biometric access system to Information Technology computer laboratory and Central Library as means for replacing the manual entry in log book at a cost of Rs. 1.5 Lakhs during 2008-2009.

Student Projects Project plays a very important role in the life of students as it builds confidence to work independently and get them more practical experience. Through project work, a student will definitely groomed into the kind of specialists who are much sought after in industry.

The department of Information Technology, knowing the importance of student projects, have made them to select projects from National/International Conference/Journals that are more innovative and involve a good amount of programming, design etc. The students are as well encouraged to do industry oriented projects. Study and review kind of project works are totally avoided. The number of students per batch is restricted to a maximum size of four.

Some of the projects undertaken by the students of Information Technology department are:

Student Project Work (2009-2010)
  1. Efficient focused crawling Strategy using combination of link structure and content similarity –IEEE 2008
  2. Hot topic extraction based on timeline analysis and multidimensional sentence modeling
    IEEE KDE VOL.19,NO.8,AUG 2007
  3. A new Data Mining approach for Network Intrusion Detection
    IEEE Computer Society 2009
  4. An Implementation of Improved APRIORI ALGORITHM
    IEEE Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics 12-15 July 2009
  5. Automatic Extraction of useful FACT Hierarchies from Text Databases
  6. Design of a robust and secure digital signature scheme for image authentication over wireless channels IET 2009 VOL.3,ISSUE.1
  7. Secure and Policy-Compliant Source Routing IEEE/ACM ON NETWORKING VOL.17,NO.3 JUNE 2009
  8. Lip Segmentation using K-Means Clustering Algorithm NCIMP'09
  9. Ranking and Suggesting popular Item IEEE KDE VOL.21,NO.8,AUG 2009
  10. Scalable Routing in Cyclic Mobile Networks IEEE PARALLEL AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS VOL.20 NO.9 SEPT 2009
  11. Improving security of Real-Time Wireless Networks through Packet Scheduling IEEE Wireless Communications VOL.7 NO.9 SEPT 2008
  12. Reducing Redundancy in subspace Clustering IEEE KDE VOL.21,NO.10,oct 2009
  13. BSMR: Byzantine-Resilient Secure Multicast Routing in multihop Wireless Network IEEE Mobile Computing VOL.8 NO.4 APRIL 2009
  14. Employing Bayes Classifier for Improving Learners Proficiency IEEE Computer Society 2008
  15. Mining Version Histories to Guide Software Changes IEEE Computer Society (ICSE 2004)

Student Project Work (2008-2009)

  1. Optimal Design of Online Auction
  2. Fighting Spam on Social Websites
  3. Secure Internet Banking Authentication
  4. The Use of Attack and Protection Trees to Analyze Security for an Online Banking
  5. Search Engine and Repository
  6. Voice over LAN using SIP
  7. Credit Card Fraud Detection using Hidden Markov Model
  8. Analysis Of Scale Effects In Peer – To –Peer Networks
  9. Comparing And Debugging Firewall Rule Tables
  10. Toward No cooperative Iris Recognition: A Classification Approach Using Multiple Signatures
  11. A Relation-Based Search Engine For Semantic Web
  12. Evolution Induced Secondary Immunity: An Artificial Immune Systems Based
  13. Intrusion Detection System
  14. Remote Client Authentication
  15. A Multiparty Videoconferencing System Over An Application-Level Multicast Protocol

Industry Oriented Mini Projects (2008-2009)

  1. Development of a web / email based search engine
  2. Development of a web based mail client
  3. To use the reflection API of java to create a comprehensive reverse engineering tool
  4. Online aptitude examination
  5. Development of a network packet sniffer
  6. Development of an application for receiving orders for printing digital photographs
  7. Development of an on-line library management system
  8. Development of an on-line auctioning shop for a campus / organization
  9. Development of a feature – rich, practical Online Survey Tools (OST)
  10. Implementation of simple device mediation application of a network management system
  11. Development of an e-post office system
  12. Development of a project portal integrated with content management tool
  13. Development of an interest calculation system for a retail bank
  14. Development of a repository and search engine for alumni of college (RASE)
  15. Development of a split screen for the data entry of the shipments.

Student Project Work (2007-2008)

  1. Packet Score: A Statistics Based Packet Filtering Scheme
  2. Secure Communication in a Distributed System using Identity based Encryption
  3. High through put Routing in Hybrid Cellular and Ad Hoc Networks
  4. A Data based and Web Application based on MVC Architecture
  5. A load balancing strategy in Web Cluster System
  6. Copyright protection of web applications through watermarking
  7. P2P – Based collaborative spam detection and filtering
  8. A parallel apriori Algorithm for Frequent item sets mining
  9. DoS packet filter using DNS information
  10. Adaptive On-the Fly compression Technique
  11. Face Recognition System
  12. Collaborative Filtering Using Dual Information Sources
  13. A Frame work for Developing Wireless Mobile Online applications
  14. A Layout-Similarity-Based Approach for Detecting Phishing Pages