Experience Centers

Center NameCenter for Virtualization & Utility Computing
About Center Center for virtualization & Cloud computing provides flexible, scientific infrastructure for training, developing innovative solutions and research on the future of cloud computing architecture, services and deployment models. Students, faculty and researchers at Vardhaman College of engineering use the center to build their own clouds, experimenting with new architectures, services that will form the basis for the next generation of computing platforms. Provisioning a cloud in the center takes only minutes. Center offers consultancy to provide the optimized solutions to the Industry problems. Trainings on cutting edge technologies are provided to students, faculty and industry people.

The focused areas include:

• Market Oriented Cloud Architecture.

• Cloud Workflows and Scheduling.

• Energy-Efficient Data Centers and Clouds

• Application Development Environments.

• Federation of Clouds.

• Privacy-assured and Effective Cloud Data Utilization.

• Secure, scalable and Owner-controlled Cloud Data Sharing.