Academic Council

The Academic Council shall primarily be concerned with all the academic affairs of the college, encompassing academic staff, academic planning, instructional issues, students, co-curricular activities, residence halls and discipline and so on. It is the responsibility of Academic Council to endeavor and ensure the best practices are implemented and standards are maintained.

The Academic Council shall exercise the following functions:

1. Framing and revising the curriculum of every academic program of the college (As per norms).
2. Arranging teaching requirements for completing academic programs.
3. Making arrangements for conducting examinations, as required.
4. Recommending the Governing Council for conferment of degrees and other academic titles.
5. Supervising the functioning of the Central Library of the college.
6. Promoting research activity within the college.
7. Collaborating with other academic institutes and industry.
8. Creating a conducive environment in order to develop entrepreneurship.
9. Suggesting to the college hostel management.
10. Ensuring discipline amongst the students.
11. Facilitating and supervising the co-curricular activities for the students.
12.Encouraging students with awards, stipends, scholarships, medals and prizes and so on.
13. Motivating and guiding students in order to utilize the placement and training activities.
14. Appointing committees from amongst the college teaching faculty and experts from outside, in order to sort out and advise on specific academic issues. And consequently acting on the recommendations of such committees after due consideration.
15. Appointing a review committee periodically, in order to review all the Institute academic activities, including the curricula, academic rules and regulations. And consequently acting on its recommendations after due consideration.
16. Planning and executing the overall academic growth of the college including apprising. Finally making recommendations to the Governing Council, wherever necessary.


S No.NameDesignationCategory
1 Dr. S.Sai Satyanarayana Reddy Principal, Vardhaman College of Engineering
Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
Faculty (Member Secretary) Nominated by Principal
2 Dr. J. V. R. Ravindra HOD, ECE Member Secretary
Three nominees of JNT University , Hyderabad
3 Dr. V. Kamakshi Prasad Prof. of CSE & Director of Evaluation, JNTUH University Nominee
4 Dr. G. K. Vishwanadh Prof. of Civil Engineering & Director, UGC-HRDC, JNTUH University Nominee
5 Dr. N. V. Ramana Prof. of EEE & Principal, JNTUHCEJ University Nominee
Experts / Academicians from Outside the College Nominated by Governing Body
6 Dr A V Guruva Reddy Director, Sunshine Hospital, Secunderabad External Member
7 Smt. Madhavi Chada CEO and MD, Hyderabad External Member
8 Sri. M. Kantha Reddy Director- Operations, IUCEE External Member
9 Sri L V Sunil Director,Virchow Laboratories Industry Member
Faculty Members from Different Categories
10 Dr. V. Sreehari Controller of Examinations & Professor of MBA Internal Member
11 Dr. H. S. Jain Dean Academic and Professor of EEE Internal Member
12 Dr. P. Sarah Dean R&D and Professor of H&S Internal Member
13 Dr. S. Ramesh Shahabadkar Dean IIIC and Professor of CSE Internal Member
14 Dr. P. Nageswara Rao Dean IQAC AND Professor of ECE Internal Member
All the Heads of Department
15 Dr. H. Venkateswara Reddy Professor & HOD, CSE Internal Member
16 Prof. Vivek Kulkarni Associate Professor of CSE Internal Member
17 Dr. M. Gopi Chand Professor & HOD, IT Internal Member
18 Prof. Y. Pandu Rangaiah Professor of ECE Internal Member
19 Dr. N. Kiran Kumar Associate Professor of EEE Internal Member
20 Mr. Md. Asif Associate Professor of EEE Internal Member
21 Dr. B. Subbaratnam Professor of MECH Internal Member
22 Dr. G. Mallikarjuna Rao Associate Professor & HOD of Civil Internal Member
23 Prof. S. Rajendar Professor & HOD of Freshman Engineering Internal Member
24 Dr. M. Bhavani Associate Professor & HOD of MBA Internal Member