Mr. Bhawani Sankar Panigrahi

CSE (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning)
Faculty Id:
Assistant Professor
Vidwan Id:
Years of Experience:
15 Years
Employment Status:
Full Time

Date of Birth:

03 September, 1980

Areas of Specialization :

Database Management & Object-Oriented Analysis and Design


PG Degree in CSE, M.Tech, KIIT University, 2006.

UG Degree in CS, BSc, Berhampur University. 2001.

Subjects Taught:

OOPS through C++, Database Management System, Software Engineering, Programming through C, Python Programming.

Papers Published:

  1. “A palmprint classification scheme using heart line feature extraction” has been presented in the 9th International Conference on Information Technology 2006, and published in the journal ‘IEEE Computer society. DOI Bookmark:
  2. “Advance signal processing techniques for feature extraction in data mining” is published in International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 19– No.9, April 2011.
  3. “Multilevel Thresholding using hierarchical cluster analysis” is published in IEEE Computer Society Madras Chapter March 2011.
  4. “A Palmprint Feature Extraction and Pattern Classification Based on Hybrid PSO-K-Means Clustering” is published in International Journal of Computer Science & Technology ISSN:2229-4333(Print) | ISSN:0976-8491 (Online). IJCST Vol. 2, Issue 2, June 2011

Research Projects Undertaken: