Overview of Laboratories

S.NO. Name of the Laboratory Room No. Description of Laboratory Area (m2)
1 Concrete Technology Lab.  2B2A Equipped with cement and concrete testing instruments. 98.7
2 Geotechnical Engineering Lab.  2B3A Equipped with triaxial testing machine, direct shear, odometer, and Proctor test.  82.5
3 Transportation Engineering Lab. 2B3B Equipped with Aggregate and Bitumen testing instruments. 75.0
4 Environmental Engineering Lab.  2B4A Equipped with instruments for testing quality of water and waste water.  76.32
5 Surveying Lab.  2003 Equipped with chain, compass, levelling, tacheometer, EDM, E-Theodolite, Total Station, and GPS instruments etc.  67.5
6 Computer Aided Drafting/Design Lab.  2002 Equipped with 30 Terminals with software like STAD Pro, ANSYS, MATLAB, Auto CAD, and ARC GIS etc.  67.5
7 Engineering Geology Lab.  2102 Equipped with various mineral, rock samples, models of geological features, maps etc.  68.4
8 Advanced Concrete Technology Lab. 2B2B Equipped with Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and self-compacting concrete testing instruments. 98.7
9 Project Laboratory  2103 Equipped with computers, NDT, and traffic flow measuring instruments. 76.5