Competency Development Center

AS part of the mandate given to Competency Development

  • The cell, identifies and updatesthe skill sets required by different career tracks, in respective field of engineering every year in consultation with the industry experts, eminent academicians, and researchers.
  • The common skill such as Communication, Computer literacy, Coding required for all various career tracks irrespective of program specialization are identified. It is ensured that these skill sets are inculcated into the students during first and second year through addon courses, workshops and through our best practices.
  • The cell collects career interest from students at the end of second year and again at the end of third year through Career Interest Survey (CIS). Students are advised to take this survey in consultation with mentor, parents, and other important stakeholders in their life.
  • A diagnostic test is conducted at the end of second year to access the current level of competencies in the identified career track.
  • Based on the test results, track specific training is planned and executed during rest of the semesters.
  • If the student fails to attain desired level of competencies even after the training, the cell advises the student to join finishing school.


Training outcomes at the end of each year for circuit branches


Vantage certificate, Registration with coding platforms,

Solve beginner level programs in Code chef platforms and math’s problems in SPOJ


Solve easy to medium level problems in coding platform, shall become eligible for SI training, would have scored 5000 points cumulatively. Capability to clear Verbal Ability rounds and Aptitude rounds. Identify his specialization track


Earn 3 to 5 stars in Code chef and 1600 to 2000 score in Code force

Clear Codevita first round shall become eligible for Salesforce career fair, Cisco Ideathon, few shall earn internship on their own.

Eligible for EPAM training etc


Majority (90 to 100 percent) of the eligible students shall have at least one product and /or services offer in hand

Team of Trainers

Sukruthi Boyapalli

B. Sukruthi (Trainer)

C. Varsha (Trainer) (3)
C. Varsha (Trainer)
Ch. Padmapriya(Trainer)
Ch. Padmapriya(Trainer)
Maurya Muralidhar
Muralidher Mourya(Trainer)
Prasad sir
G. S. Prasad Reddy(Trainer)
A. Ramesh sir
 A. Ramesh 
 Md. Manzoor(Trainer) 
Samba raj
M. Sambaraju (Guest Trainer)

Skill Enhancement Activities