Mr. Kogila Raghu

Computer Science & Engineering
Faculty Id:
Assistant Professor


Years of Experience:
7.6 Years
Employment Status:
Full Time – Ratified by JNTUH

Date of Birth:

21st  March , 1988

Areas of Specialization :

Data Mining, Image Processing, Speech Processing


  • (Ph.D) pursuing in CSE, Kakatiya University
  • PG Degree M.Tech in CSE,2013, CBIT,Osmania University
  • UG Degree B.Tech in CSE,2010, University College of Engineering, Kakatiya University

Subjects Taught:

Compilers, Formal Languages and Automata Theory, MFCS, Data Mining, Data Analytics, Mobile Computing, C Programming

Papers Published:

  1. K.Raghu, Dr.M.Sadanandam,Prof V.Kamakshi Prasad An Examination of Emotion Recognition using Machine Learning Algorithms on Different Speech Databases IJITEE, ISSN No: 2278-3075, Volume-9 Issue-4S2, March 2020.(Scopus)
  2.  K.Raghu, Dr.M.Sadanandam Emotion Recognition in Speech: Survey Journal of Applied Science and Computations, ISSN No: 1076-5131, Volume VI, Issue II, Feb 2019.
  3. Suresh Babu,S.Shiva Prasad, K.Raghu Feature Extraction Techniques for Chronic Kidney Disease Identification  IIETA,ISI,Vol. 24, No. 1, February, 2019, pp. 95-99.(Scopus).
  4. S.ShivaPrasad, Dr.M.Sadanandam, K.Raghu, Efficient Management of Server Platforms to meet Customer Requirements by using IMPI and FRU Techniques IJAER, ISSN 0973-4563, Volume 13, 2018.(Scopus).