S.No Patent Number Name of the Patenter Title of the patent Year of Award Status
1 201941018492 V UMA MAHESWARI Student Mood Prediction In the Digital Classrooms Using Facial Expression Analysis 2019 Published
2 201941011134 A V UMA MAHESWARI 24×7 Patient monitoring in smart hospitals using facial expressions 2019 Published
3 201941024755 A V UMA MAHESWARI Smart Advertisement System Using Image Processing and Deep Learning 2019 Filed
12 201921005022 Dr. D Raman, Mr. N. Hanuman Reddy M-SIM: Multiple Mobile No in Single Sim 2019 Published
13 201941016573 Dr. D Raman IM-MOUSE: Intelligent Memory Mouse 2019 Published
14 201941051603 Dr. Prabhakar Kandukuri IOT sensors based multi-functional and intelligent walk guiding stick for visual disabled person 2019 Filed
4 201841009964 A Dr. M.A. Jabbar, Prof. Rajanikanth Aluvalu, Vivek Kulakarni Circular Stacked DGS Antenna Configuration for Wireless Applications 2018 Published
5 201841007881 A Dr. M.A. Jabbar, Prof. Rajanikanth Aluvalu, Vivek Kulakarni E-IIEART (Fitness Band) 2018 Published
6 201841015281 A Dr. M.A. Jabbar, Prof. Rajanikanth Aluvalu Analysis of Agriculture data Using Machine Learning to Maximize Rice Yield Crop Production (E-Rice) 2018 Published
7 201841024721 A Dr. M.A. Jabbar, Prof. Rajanikanth Aluvalu Accident Suraksha (Crash Reporter) 2018 Published
8 201841003300 Dr.D. Vaishnavi Apparatus and Method for Parameterizing and Updating an ADAS and Regulation Thereof 2018 Published
9 201841019067 A Dr. S. Shitharth IWP-CSO Technique for Feature Optimization Framework and A Hybrid HNA-NN Technique for Classification 2018 Published
10 201841030044 Dr. S. Shitharth Access Point Selection for Fair Load Balancing in Wireless Local Area Network 2018 Published
11 201841033209 A Dr. S. Shitharth Optical 3D Puzzle Toy Microscope Apparatus 2018 Filed