Prof. Y. Pandu Rangaiah

Faculty Id: VCE 052
Date of Birth: 01 July , 1977
Designation: Professor
Years of Experiance : 16
Email Id:
Phone Number: 9550070033
Faculty Web Page:
Employment Status: Full Time - Ratified by JNTUH
Areas of Specialization:

Reconfigurable Antennas,Microwave Integrated Circuits in Communication, RF Design

UG Degree: B. E (Electronics and Communication Engineering),1999,Gulbarga University, Bellary
PG Degree: M. E (Microwave and Radar Engineering) ,2006, Osmania University, Hyderabad
Ph.D: Reconfigurable Antennas - ECE (Pursuing) ,JNTUH, Hyderabad
Subjects Taught:
  1. Electronic Devices and Circuits
  2. Electronic Circuit Analysis
  3. Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes
  4. Pulse and Digital Circuits
  5. Electromagnetic Theory and Transmission Lines
  6. Antennas and Wave Propagation
  7. Linear and Digital Integrated Circuit Applications
  8. Satellite Communication
  9. RF Circuit Design
Papers Published:


  1. Yagateela P.Rangaiah,R.V.S.Satyanarayana,Pasumurthy N.Rao"The Effect of Aspect ratio and fractal dimension of the Boundary on the Performance of fractal shaped CP Microstrip Antenna"Progress in Electromagnetic Research, Jan -2018,Vol.64,23-33,2018.

  2. S.Karunakaran,Y.Pandurangaiah,Joseph Anthony Prathap,B.Poonguzharselvi"Exploration On Power Delay Product Of Various Vlsi Multiplier Architectures"International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology(IJMET), Jan 2018,ISSN Print:0976-6340,ISSN Online:0976-6359.

  3. P. Nageswara Rao,Y. Pandurangaiah "Compact single feed Koch island circularly polarized microstrip antenna"International Journal of Electronics and Communications – Elsevier publications ( Science Direct), 70 (2016) 1543–1550.Oct- 2016.

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  5. Prof. Pandu Rangaiah Yagateela, B. U. V. Prashanth "Generation of Secrete Key for Physical Layer to evaluate channel Characteristics in wireless communications" International Conference on Emerging Research in computing Information, Communication and Applications. ERCICA 2013, pp: 251-255.
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