Dr. K. Murugaperumal

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Associate Professor
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Full Time – Ratified by JNTUH


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Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2020, Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry
PG Degree: M.Tech (EEE-High Voltage Engineering), 2012, JNT University, Kakinada.
UG Degree: BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, 2006, Anna University,Chenna

Subjects Taught:

  1. High Voltage Engineering
  2. HVDC Transmission
  3. Electrical Machine Design
  4. Power System Stability
  5. Electrical Measurement Apparatus
  6. Electrical Safety and Quality Management
  7. Basic Electrical Engineering
  8. Energy Storage Systems
  9. Electrical Machines-I, II
  10. Power Electronics
  11. Control System
  12. Electrical Engineering
  13. Circuit Theory
  14. Utilization of Electrical Energy
  15. Power Distribution Systems
  16. Power System Operation and Control

List of Publications:


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Conference Papers:

  1. Murugaperumal, P. Ajay-D-Vimal Raj P, ‘Optimum design and techno economic analysis of hybrid renewable energy system for rural electrification- a case study’ 1st IEEE international conference on Energy, Systems and Information Processing(ICESIP 2019) at IIITD & M Kancheepuram, India,04-06 July-2019, (IEEE Digital Xplore)
  2. K. Murugaperumal ,P. Ajay-D-Vimal Raj P:2018,‘Techno Economic Analysis of Hybrid Renewable Electrification System in different climatic zones’ 3rdSpringer International Conference on Emerging Trends in Electrical, Communication and Information Technologies, (ICECIT-2018) at SIT Anantapur, AP,India,20-22 Dec-2018, (Springer, Scopus indexed)
  3. K. Murugaperumal, P. Ajay-D-Vimal Raj, M Sudhakaran :2017, ‘Optimization design of hybrid renewable energy system for electrification of the building’ international  Conf. on  contemporary topics in power engg.(ICCPEAT-2017) pondicherry engineering college ,Puducherry, India,24-25 Feb-2017,
  4. K. Murugaperumal, P. Ajay-D-Vimal Raj, A. Awasthi, D. Chandra, S. Rajasekar, ‘Optimal infrastructure planning of electric vehicle charging stations using hybrid optimization algorithm,” in IEEE-National Power System Conference’ (NPSC-2016) , IIT Bhubaneswar India,19-21 Dec-2016, (IEEE Digital Xplore)


  1. Design and Development of Shadow Free Efficient Solar PV Tree (SPVT) (Application No 202141006791, Filed on 26/02/2021)
  2. Solar Powered Peltier Icebox (Application No 202041027420, Filed on 10/07/2020)
  3. IEMG-Power bank (Application No 201941037444A, Filed on 17/09/2019)

Research Projects Undertaken: