M.Tech Power Electronics and Electrical Drives

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About Program

The department offers M. Tech (Power Electronics & Electrical Drives), a two-year full time postgraduate programme with an intake of 18, duly approved by AICTE, since the academic year 2008-09.

This programme deals with the state-of-the-art techniques in system-level modeling analysis, design and integration of motor drives. The programme also covers advanced topics in microprocessors and micro controllers which are essential for engineers in the Power Electronics field. Projects of practical relevance are taken up by the students during third and fourth semesters.

Instrumentation is the heart of any industry. This programme enriches the students in different spheres of instrumentation and control industries and also provides a strong foundation to pursue a career in system-level modeling analysis, design, and integration of motor drives, measurement and control of complex industrial and electrical processes through a diverse range of theoretical skills and practical experience.

Program Overview

  1. PEO1: Graduates will demonstrate peer recognized technical competency to design, analyze, develop solutions for problems in the field of power electronics and electrical drives.
  2. PEO2: Graduates will demonstrate leadership and initiative to advance professional and organizational goals with commitment to ethical standards of profession, teamwork and respect for diverse cultural background.
  3. PEO3: Graduates will be engaged in ongoing learning and professional development through pursuing higher education and self-study.
  4. PEO4: Graduates will be committed to creative practice of engineering and other professions in a responsible manner contributing to the socio-economic development of the society.
  1. PO1: An ability to independently carry out research /investigation and development work to solve practical problems.
  2. PO2: An ability to write and present a substantial technical report/document.
  3. PO3: An ability to demonstrate a degree of mastery in the domain of power electronics and electrical drives.
  4. PO4: An ability to design power electronic circuits to improve power quality and reliability in electrical systems.
  5. PO5: An ability to conceptualize, design and analyze various control strategies for energy efficient electrical drives.

Course Curriculum (R21)

I Semester

S.NO. Code Title of Course L P Credits
1 B5301 Power Electronic Converters 3 0 3
2 B5302 Electrical  Drives System 3 0 3
3 Professional Elective – I 3 0 3
4 Professional Elective – II 3 0 3
5 B5303 Electrical  Drives Laboratory 0 4 2
6 B5304 Power   Electronics   Simulation

Laboratory  – I

0 4 2
7 B5001 Research Methodology and


2 0 2
8 Audit  Course – I 2 0 0

II Semester

S.NO. Code Title of Course L P Credits
1 B5305 Modeling and Analysis of

Electrical  Machines

3 0 3
2 B5306 Digital Control  of Power

Electronic and Drive Systems

3 0 3
3 Professional Elective – III 3 0 3
4 Professional Elective – IV 3 0 3
5 B5307 Electrical    Drives    Simulation


0 4 2
6 B5308 Power   Electronics   Simulation

Laboratory  – II

0 4 2
7 B5002 Technical Report  Writing 0 2 1
8 B5341 Mini Project 0 2 1
9 Audit  Course – II 2 0 0

I Semester

S.NO. Code Title of Course L P Credits
1 Professional Elective – V 3 0 3
2 Open Elective 3 0 3
3 B5342 Dissertation  Phase – I 0 20 10

II Semester

S.NO. Code Title of Course L P Credits
1 B5343 Dissertation  Phase – II 0 32 16