Mr . A. Ananda Kumar

Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Faculty Id:
Assistant Professor
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Years of Teaching Experience:
Employment Status:
Full Time – Ratified by JNTUH


Date of Birth:

14 June , 1987


PG Degree in Power System Control & Automation,2012, QIS College Of ENGG & Technology
UG Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering,2008, Bapatla Engineering College

Subjects Taught:

  1. Electrical Measurements
  2. Electrical Machines
  3. Utilization Of Electrical Energy
  4. Electrical Distribution System
  5. Power System Transmission
  6. Digital Logic Design
  7. Electrical Machine Design
  8. Basic Electric Circuits
  9. Principles Of Electric Circuits

Papers Published:

  1. Kalyan Kumar Koppolu , Srinivas Nakka , Ananda Kumar, “An Intelligent Battery Management System Based on SOC for Microgrid Employed In Grid-Connected Mode.” International Journal of Research in Advent Technology, Special Issue, NCRCEST 2019 E-ISSN: 2321-9637
  2. Kalyan Kumar,A.AnandaKumar,B.Vijayalakshmi, “A Novel Control Scheme for Harmonic Reduction in AC Mains of a Grid connected Solar PV System” International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Volume 118 No. 24 2018
  3. A.Ananda Kumar, M.Chandra sekhar,”Transient stability Improvement using Resonance type FCL for Several Fault conditions” IJEEE. vol.4. issue.5. Dec 2014, pp198-204.]
  4. A.Ananda Kumar,S.Madhura Meenakshi, ”Characterization of Unique Converter strategy Fed Induction Machine Drive for Vehicular Applications” IJPSOEM.,vol.4., issue.4.,Dec 2014, pp155-159.
  5. A.Ananda Kumar, B.Mallikarjuna Rao,”Simulation of High Efficient Hybrid Cascaded Inverter for single Phase Induction Motor using Renewable energy system” IJAREEIE.,vol.2.,issue.12.,Dec 2013,pp5766-5773.
  6. A.Ananda Kumar, G.Gnaneswer Kumar,” Renewable Energy Interconnection  at Distribution Level to Improve Power Quality” IJES.,vol.2., issue.2.,Feb 2013, pp39-48.
  7. A.Ananda Kumar, G.Gnaneswer Kumar, “Power Compensations at Distribution Level using a VSC based DSATCOM” IJERT., vol.1., issue.5.,2012.
  8. A.Ananda Kumar, J.Srinivasarao, ”Power Quality Improvement Of Grid Interconnected 3-phase 4-wire Distribution System using Fuzzy Logic Control” IJERT., vol.1., issue.4.,2012.

FDPs/Workshops/Webinars Attended:

  1. “Implementatiom and simulation of electrical engineering applications using PLECS tool” by vaagdevi College of Engineering in association with PLEXIM,Switzerland,from 25th may to 29 may 2020.
  2. Tools or scientific communication and effective teching”by vaagdevi college of enggrom 2nd june-6th
  3. “design of solar pv system using pvsyst software” by vaagddevi college of engg, from 9th june – 13th june 2020.
  4. “electric power grid modernization trends, challenges and opportunities “by KKr & KSR inst of tech and sciences rom 9th june to 13th june 2020.
  5. “technological advances ion power switching converters for rebewable energy sources and fuel cell technology for E vehicles” from 1st june to 5th june 2020.
  6. “the future technology stack AI,ML & NLP” by sai spurthi inst of tech from 8th june to 10th june 2020.
  7. “ SCILAB-an open source substitiute for Matlab” by JNTUH college of engg from 25th may to 30th may 2020
  8. “artificial intelligrence” by G narayanamma inst of tech and science from 22nd may to 26th may 2020
  9. “artificial intelligrence” by Vardhaman college of engg from 22nd may to 26th may 2020
  10. “ HIL simulation or power electronics and power systesm” by Anurag University rom 27th may to 29th may 2020.
  11. “opportunities challenges in electronincs and allied industries in inda post covid-19” by vivekanand education society inst o tech ffrom 25th may to 30th may 2020
  12. One-week national level online faculty development program on Recent Trends in power electronics and energy storage systems from 10-6-2020 to 14-6-2020 organized by Vardhaman college of engineering Hyderabad.
  13. A One week FDP on “ Drives& controllers for advanced energy Efficient Electric /Hybrid Vehicles” at Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad, June2019
  14. A One week FDP on “ Deep Learning & Applications” at MNIT, Jaipur,may 2019
  15. A Two day International Conference on “Grand Challenges Scholar Program” at Malla Reddy Engineering College, Hyderabad,jan 2019
  16. A Two day International Conference on “Transformation in engineering Education” at Malla Reddy Engineering College, Hyderabad.,jan 2019
  17. A One week FDP on “ AI & Machine Learning” MNIT, Jaipur. December 2018
  18. An online FDP on “Recent Advances in Transmission Insulators” AICTE-NPTEL.august 2018
  19. An online FDP on “Introduction to Smart Grid” AICTE-NPTEL, august 2018
  20. A one day FDP on “ circuit simulation/pcb design “ by DELL SOFT Technologies. Hyderabad,june 2018
  21. A one day FDP on “ Power system design & Analysis “ by DELL SOFT Technologies. Hyderabad,june 2018
  22. A One week FDP on “ Blended Learning Essentials” at Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad,june 2018
  23. A One week FDP on “ Pedagogical Training on outcome based education” by AICTE, Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad,may 2018
  24. A One week FDP on “Transformation from efficient to effective Teaching” at Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad,December 2017
  25. A One week FDP on “Power electronic applications to renewable energy systems” at Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad,june2017
  26. A Three Days International conference on “Transformation in engineering Education” at Vardhaman college of engineering, Hydeabad.,jan 2017
  27. A One week FDP on “SCADA” by Prolific Systems and Technologies at Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad,dec2016
  28. A Three Days FDP on “Power system studies-theory and practice at a glance” at JNTU-JAGTIAL,nov 2016
  29. A Three Days Workshop on “IUCEE-EPICS” at MLR Institute of Technology, Hyderabad., july 2016
  30. A One week FDP on “ Real time application in power systems and Matlab” at Vardhaman College of Engineering, Hyderabad.dec 2015
  31. FDP on “ Teaching and Learning “ at IIT-Chennai.Tamilandu.,October 2015
  32. FDP on “ Role of renewable energy in INDIAN power sector” at ANNA university, Tirucharapali, Tamilnadu,September 2015.
  33. “PFC based AC-DC-LED driver circuit” organized by Vaagdevi College of Engineering on 8th june 2020
  34. “Best practices in operation & maintenance of solar power plants” by BV raju inst of tech on 3rd june 2020.
  35. “Power Intelligence & Asset Management in Smart grids”by Anurag University on 30th may 2020
  36. “Recent trends in electrical engineering” by MLR institute of technology on 30th may 2020
  37. “Scope of IOT in Industries” by Karpaga Vinayaga College of engg and tech on 09th may 2020
  38. “Interent of things” by Pantech Solutions on 11th may 2020
  39. “ cuttingedge technologies in electronics and communicatins” by G pullaiah College of engg on 14th may 2020
  40. “ next generation AL technologies for cyber physical system” by St.peters engg college on 13th may 2020
  41. “e-vehicles for sustainable transportation “by geethanjali inst o scinec and tech on 14th my 2020
  42. “faculty Awarenss programon NAAC “ by Shri chhatrapathi shivajiraje college of engg on 10th may 2020.

Guest Lectures

  1. Guest Lecture on “Speed Control of Induction Motor” at Hyderabad Institute of Technology & Management, Hyderabad, Telangana.april 2019
  2. Guest Lecture on “Speed Control of DC Motor” at Hyderabad Institute of Technology & Management, Hyderabad, Telangana.nov 2018
  3. Guest Lecture on “Parallel operation of Alternators” at Hyderabad Institute of Technology & Management, Hyderabad, Telangana,march 2018
  4. Guest Lecture on “Two Port Networks “at Chirala College of Engineering, Chirala, Andhra Pradesh,jan 2018.


  1. Successfully completed the course linear circuits 1:DC analysis on 20th may 2020
  2. Successfully completed the course introduction to architecting smart iot devices on 24th may 2020
  3. Successfully completed the courseintroduction to AI on 19th may 2020
  4. Successfully completed the course pv solar energy on 14th april 2020
  5. Successfully completed the course introduction to programming with iot boards on 3rd may 2020
  6. Successfully completed the course electric power system on 30th april 2020
  7. Successfully completed the course AI for everyone on 27th april 2020
  8. Successfully completed the course ‘Recent Advances in Transmission Insulators’sep-2018
  9. Successfully completed the course ‘Introduction to Smart Grid’ Insulators’sep-2018
  10. Successfully completed the course ‘Outcome based pedagogic principles for effective teaching’,march 2018
  11. Successfully completed the course ‘Power system engineering’ march 2018

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