Activity Based Learning

Around 40 faculty of Vardhaman are certified on IUCEE-IGIP Engineering Educators certification Program (IIEECP) in the year 2015-16 where in faculty have learning various concepts like understanding the characteristics of Millineils students various teaching learning pedagogies suitable as per the course and as per the standard of students. In the certification program various teaching styles were introduced and also learning styles. In the process of understanding the Millineils there learning style this certification been a great support. As can be seen in “The Learning Pyramid” lecture provides only 5% of retention of Millineils learning ability by various teaching styles the retention rate can be improved.

Some of the active learning strategies used by faculty of ECE department are broadly classified as

    1. Learning by Doing – It’s like an Experiential Learning by using free and open source softwares
    2. Learning through discussion among the peer group
    3. Learning through analysis Case studies – all subjects, for learning at higher cognitive level
    4. Group Projects
    5. Reflective Learning – Open ended questions by faculty, Open ended questions from students
    6. Collaborative Learning
    7. Promote Learning in slow learners
    8. Variety of Assignments and test – Knowledge level, Understand Level abd Apply level
    9. Scaffolding Techniquw
    10. Guidance, Cunselling and Mentoring


The strong though of Faculty of ECE dpartment is that,

A Teacher who adopts Active Learning Stretegies will become an Active Learner”