Industrial consultancy work is an essential area of activity of the Institute. The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering shall undertake but not be limited to the following activities as the scope of consultancy service.

  1. Application Specific Integrated Circuit
  2. Field Programmable Gate Array
  3. Physical Design Process
  4. System on Chip
  5. Network on Chip
  6. Accelerators
  7. Antenna Design for specific Applications
  8. Design of Microwave Transmission lines and filters
  9. Antenna Measurements
  10. Design and Development of secured routing protocols
  11. Intelligent Communication system
  12. Internet of Things
  13. Automation
  14. Autonomous Vehicle Technology
  15. Geospatial Image Analysis
  16. Medical Image Processing
  17. Semantic Description of Video Activities
  18. Anamoly Detection in Fine-grained Actions


To carryout consultancy work, the department has also established the following Centers of excellence viz.

  1. Center of Excellence in VLSI Design.
  2. Center of Excellence in Virtual Instrumentation.
  3. Center of Excellence in Signal Processing and Communications.
  4. Center of Excellence in Microwave, Antennas and RF Engineering.
  5. Center of Excellence in IoT.
S.No Equipment
1 Cadence University UG Bundle
2 Cadence University Research Bundle
3 Spartan 3E FPGA Boards
4 MATLAB 8.5 Version 2016a
5 Simulink 8.5
6 Control System tool box 9.9
7 Signal Processing tool box 7.0
8 DSP System tool box 9.0
9 Communications System tool box 6.0
10 Image Processing tool box 9.2
11 SIM Electronics 2.7
12 SIM SCAPE 3.13
13 Fuzzy Logic tool box 2.2.21
14 Code Composer Studio Version 6.0
15 OMAP L-138/6748 DSP Starter Kit with XDS 100v2 JTAG Emulator
16 DM6437 Digital Video Platform
17 TMS320C6713 DSP Kit
18 TMS320C5416 DSP Kit
19 NTSC/PAL Camera
20 NI USRP – 2920 transmitter / receiver pair
21 NI LabVIEW Academy Hardware Bundle
22 NI LabVIEW Academy Software Bundle
23 4G VOLTE Mobile phone
24 3G Communication System
25 CDMA-DSSS Communication System
26 Intel gelilio boards
27 ARM2929 boards
28 ARM1700 boards
29 Cypress Bluetooth low energy boards
30 LPC 2148 boards
31 PSOC boards
32 Raspberry pi boards
33 NODE MCU boards

Technical Expertise

Our faculty are engaged in teaching and research in the areas of VLSI Design, Signal and Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Communications, RF and Microwave Engineering, Internet of Things and Virtual Instrumentation.

VLSI Design

  1. Dr. JVR Ravindra
  2. Dr. S. Rajendar
  3. Dr. S. Karunakaran
  4. Dr. P. Kalyani
  5. Dr. B. Srikanth
  6. Dr. I. Babu
  7. Dr. S. Sangeetha Singh
  8. Dr. P. Padmini
  9. Mr. N. Nagarjuna
  10. Mr. Tareeq Zaid

Signal and Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

  1. Dr. G. A. E. Satish Kumar
  2. Dr. D. Krishna
  3. Dr. D. Nagajyothi
  4. Dr. S. Sujana
  5. Dr. Sanjukta rani Jena
  6. Ms. K. Ashwini


  1. Dr. M. Naresh Kumar
  2. Dr. D. Praveen Kumar
  3. Mrs. A. Vijaya Lakshmi
  4. Mr. S. Srinivas
  5. Mrs. A. Vijaya Lakshmi
  6. Mr. K. Sripal Reddy

RF and Microwave Engineering

  1. Dr. P. Nageshwara Rao
  2. Dr. Ch. Sulakshana
  3. Mr. K. H. Murali
  4. Mrs. V. Harini

Internet of Things

  1. Dr. J. Krishna Chaitanya
  2. Mr. M. Gopi Krishna
  3. Mr. T. Ramakrishnaiah
  4. Mrs. V. Jyothi
  5. Mrs. J. Swetha Priyanka
  6. Mr. K. Pavan Kumar
  7. Mr. R. Maheswara Reddy
  8. Ms. Mounika Yesaswini

Virtual Instrumentation

  1. Ms. M. Srilatha
  2. Mr. S. Srinivas
  3. Mr. R. Phani Vidyadhar


  1. Surveillance video analytics for smart cities.
  2. Human activity recognition
  3. De-duplication of person’s identity using multi-model biometrics
  4. Facial expression
  5. Weather forecasting using a live camera, radar, and satellite data
  6. Signature verification
  7. Medical Image Processing
  8. De-hazing, De-Raining for real-time applications
  9. Design and implementation of Arithmetic circuits
  10. IP design and Verification
  11. FPGA Architecture
  12. Design and Implementation of various protocols
  13. Design of advanced communication system
  14. Design and implementation of Wi-Fi based home automation
  15. Design and implementation of Bluetooth based home automation
  16. Agriculture automation
  17. Vehicle navigation
  18. Health care Monitoring System
  19. Access Control System
  20. Design and fabrication of wearable antennas
  21. Design of Microwave transmission lines and filters

Status of Consultancy Services

S. No. Client Details Consultant Detail Nature of Work Amount (in INR Lakhs) Completed /On-Going
1 Tirumala Constructions w.r.t SAK INFORMATICS Dr. G. A. E. Satish Kumar Design of Intra Network for Housing Property 5 On-Going
2 Embedded RF Technologies, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad 1.Mr. J. Krishna Chaitanya
2.Mr. M. Gopi Krishna
3.Mr. G. Bhaskar Phaniram
Industrial Timer Control Boards 2.65 Completed
3 The Parashakthi Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.H. No. 1-10-28/232/110, Shiva Sai Nagar, Kushaiguda, ECIL, Hyderabad 1.Dr. S. Janardhana Rao
2. Mr. M. Nagarjuna
Design and Making of Power Control Boards 2.9 Completed