Mr. P. Bhargava

Electronics & Communication Engineering
Faculty Id:
Assistant Professor
Years of Experience:
0.5 years

Date of Birth:


Areas of Specialization :

Microstrip antennas



Pursuing PhD in Vignan Deemed to be university
M.Tech in VLSI & ES Design, SCIENT Institute of Technology in 2014
B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Sri Venkateswara Engineering college, in 2010

Subjects Taught:

Signals and systems, Analog Communication, Digital Communication, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Electromagnetic Fields and Transmission Lines, Digital Electronics

Papers Published:

  1. Punna, Bharghava, and Pachiyaannan Muthusamy. ”Compact Asymmetric Coplanar Strip Fed MIMO Antenna with Band Dispension Characteristics for UWB ” Progress In Electromagnetics Research C 115 (2021): 17-26.
  2. Punna, Bharghava, and Pachiyaannan ”Printed MIMO/Diversity Antenna with Polarization Diversity.” Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters 99 (2021): 25-33.
  3. Punna, Bharghava, and Pachiyannan Muthusamy. ”LTE/WLAN Band Rejection MIMO Antenna with Isolation Enhancement for UWB ” Telecommunications and Radio Engineering 80.1 (2021).
  4. Bharghava, Punna, and Pachiyaannan ”MIMO Antenna for 5G Applications with Polarization Diversity.” SAMRIDDHI: A Journal of Physical Sciences, Engineering and Technology 12.SUP 3 (2020): 37-40.
  5. Journal Publication in International Conference NCVSCOMS2019 Isolation Enhancement of MIMO Antenna with Band Notching Characteristics by Parasitic Element
  6. Journal Publication in International Conference IC5GCAT 2018-Design & Analysis of Rectangular Patch Antenna And Bandwidth Enhancement.
  7. International Conference ICIECE2019-MIMO Antenna with Polarization Diversity for 5G Applications

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Research Projects Undertaken: