Computer Centre



The computer labs are  fully aircondiontioned and the students are previliged to have unlimited access round the clock.The  laboratories  are  equipped with structured fibre optic and UTP cabling network and other relevant software.  We have  state-of-the-art computer laboratories with  1081 computers (DELL, LENOVA & HP make), 12 servers, 104 printers and over 82 laptops (DELL, SAMSUNG and HP make) with a dedicated network. The Overall ratio of computers to students is more than the number recommended.

The Computer laboratories are being upgraded from time to time to provide the best computational infrastructure.

The Computer Centre houses powerful servers, which provide computational environment comprising of multiple operating systems - Microsoft Windows, Linux & Unix and can be accessed from any of the nodes attached to the servers across the campus.

The Department of Information Technology maintains an institutional membership in the MSDNA that helps the students  to  have an access (free of charge) to all the latest Microsoft development tools.  Students  may check out the orginal CD's for the package if they want  (24 hour checkout only), and they  will be given a label with its activation code.  Students   can  immediately burn a copy of the CD(s), affix the label, and return the original CD to the department.The IT department library keeps available one of the PCs with leagal  software for students to it and they can  copy it and keep  with them  as long as they  wish.

Hardware Facility at Computer Centre:
Windows Server: Hewlet Packard ML 350 G5 Server, Dual Quad Core XEON E5410 Processor @ 2.33 GHz
Linux Server: Hewlet Packard ML 350 G5 Server, Dual Quad Core XEON E5410 Processor @ 2.33 GHz
Office Automation Server: HP Proliant ML 110 G4 Server, Xeon Dual Core Processor @ 1.8 GHz
Online Exam Servers: Two numbers of Wipro NetPower Intel Xeon Dual Processor @ 2.8 GHz
ECAD Server: Wipro NetPower Intel Xeon Processor @ 2.8 GHz
Internet Server: Wipro NetPower Intel Xeon Processor @ 2.8 GHz
HP Colour Laser Printers
TVSE Dot Matrix Printers
HP Scanners
Sony DLP Projectors

Software Facility at the Computer Centre:

Microsoft Academic Alliance Software (MSDN)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
WINDOWS Advanced Server
IBM Rational Rose UML 60 user Software
IBM Rational Tester
Oracle 10 G 500 user Database Software
Macromedia Flash
Visual Studio
C, C++, Cobal, Java Language Compliers
MS Office Project Professional 2003
MS Office Visio Professional 2003
Visual Studio .NET Professional
Visual Studio 6.0 Professional
Norton Semantic Endpoint Protection Anti Virus
ANSYS Academic Teaching Introductory V12.x (Ansys Multi physics,Fluent Full capability solver,Ansys CFX full capability solver,Ansys Autodyn,Ansys Workbench,Ansys Meshing tools,including ICENCFD,MCAD Geometry Interface)
PRO/ENGINEER University Lab Bundle
MATLAB 100 Users (Control Systems Toolbox, Signal Processing Toolbox, DSP Syatems Toolbox, Communication Systems Toolbox, SIMULINK, Simpower Systems, Neural Networks, Image Processing, Wavelet etc.)
Ez School Office Automation Software

Power Backup at Computer Center:

Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) – 120 KVA with 60 mts backup
220 KVA Diesel Green Generator Set

E-Mail Facility: Computer Centre is hosted a mail server using Linux squid server with domain name. The staff members have been given user ids to send and receive mails.

Internet Facility lab: This  lab  is operated  with 120 desktop computers. This  is central facility and is available for students and staff members of the college. Internet facility is available through broadband 40 Mbps.  This provides single hop access to internet gateway . The LAN is extended to all departments including administrative building using 2 Km long fiber optic back bone.

Documentation Facility: The Computer Centre also houses the Printers, Scanners etc for the purposes of documentation, printing, scanning and backup.