Dr. Banshelkikar Yashpal Murhari

Humanities and Science
Faculty Id:
Assistant Professor
Vidwan ID:
Years of Experience:
4 years
Employment Status:
Full Time

Date of Birth:


Areas of Specialization :

Subaltern studies and communication skills


PhD in English, 2016, Pondicherry Central University, Puducherry.
PG Degree in English, 2006, Swami Ramanad Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded..
UG Degree in in English, 2006, Swami Ramanad Teerth Marathwada University, Nanded.

Subjects Taught:

English language and literature, Indian literature in English, communication skills

Papers Published:


  1. Banshelkikar Yashpal Murhari, Asserting Rights and Resisting the System in The Outcaste Akkarmashi, AJRSH: Asian Journal of Research in Social Science & Humanities, 2011 Volume 1, Issue 4, 301-308, ISSN 2249-7315.
  2. Banshelkikar Yashpal Murhari, Breaking Tenets: A Study of Stigmatized Lives in Ooru Keri and The Scar, Indian Review of World Literature in English,2011, VOL. 7 No. 2, 1-7, ISSN 0974-097X
  3. Banshelkikar Yashpal Murhari, A Typical but Defiant Dalit in The Scar, The Horizon, 2011, Volume 2, NO 2, 1-5, ISSN 2229-4554.
  4. Banshelkikar Yashpal Murhari, Unsuccessful and Successful Struggles of Slaves: A Comparative Study of Uncle Tom`s Cabin, Untouchable, Majya Jalmachi Chittarkatha and Aaydan, Indian Review of World Literature in English, 2020, VOL. 16 No. 1, 1- 8, ISSN 0974-097X
  5. Banshelkikar Yashpal Murhari, A Comparative Study of Baby Kamble`s The Prisons We Broke and Bama`s Karukku, Language in India, 2011, Volume 11: 6, 82-91, ISSN 1930- 2940.
  6. Banshelkikar Yashpal Murhari, Book Review-Changia Rukh against the Night, Muse India, 2011, Issue 37, 1-4, ISSN 0975 -1815.

In Conference (Proceedings):

  1. An Awakening Dalit: A Reading Of Bama`S Karukku. Published In Voices From Marginality In Literatures In English. Eds. Jeevan Masure & Sanjay Kulkarni. Harnai Prakashan, Nanded. 2011. ISBN -978-81-909812-2-4.
  2. Essential English Conversation Practice For Vocational Communication Competence. Published In Acquisition Of Vocational Communication Competence. Ed. Dr. Shiv Lal & Dr. Yashpal Banshelkikar, Himanshu Publications, Udaipur. 2018. ISBN 978-81-7906-734-5.

Books Published:

  1. Two Rising Dalit Heroes: A Study Of Growing Up Untouchable In India And Government Brahmana Published By Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, Deutschland/ Germany, In 2012 ISBN: 978-3-8443-Aaa8311-9.

Research Projects Undertaken: