Dr. K. Ganga Prasad

Humanities and Science
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Assistant Professor
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Years of Experience:
5 years
Employment Status:
Full Time

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Areas of Specialization :

Theoretical & computational condensed matter physics, First principles design of materials: Electronic Structure, Experimental condensed matter physics and Cold atom physics.


PhD in Physics, 2016, IIT Hyderabad.
PG Degree in M.Sc Physics, 2011, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
UG Degree in BSc (Computer Science), 2009, Osmania University,

Subjects Taught:

Papers Published:


  1. Manish K Niranjan, K. Ganga Prasad, Saket Asthana, S.Rayaprol and S. Siruguri, J. “Investigation of structural, vibrational and ferroic properties of AgNbO3 at room temperature using neutron diffraction, Raman scattering, and density functional theory”, Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 2015, 48,215303.
  2.  K. Ganga Prasad, Manish K Niranjan, Saket Asthana and R. Karthikeyan, “Raman modes and Born effective charges in AgNb1/2Ta1/2O3: A density functional and Raman scattering study”, J.Am.Ceram.Soc., 2016, 99, 332- 339.
  3. K. Ganga Prasad, Manish K Niranjan and Saket Asthana, Electronic structure, lattice dynamics and thermoelectric properties of AgTaO3 by using first principles calculations”, Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2017, 696, 1168-1173.
  4. K. Ganga Prasad, Manish K Niranjan and Saket Asthana, “The electrical properties and relaxation behavior of AgNb1/2Ta1/2O3 Ceramic”, Physica B:Condensed Matter, 2017, 506, 42-47.
  5. K. Ganga Prasad, Sridhar Kumar Kannam, Sarith P sathian,” Tunable thermoelectric properties of SnS2 under high pressure at room temperature”, Physica B: Condensed Matter, 2019, 556, 97-102

In Conference (Proceedings):

  1. K. Ganga Prasad, Durga Rao. T, Manish K Niranjan, Saket Asthana, “Microstructural studies of AgNbO3 by using complex impedance spectroscopy”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2015, 1665, 110038.
  2. K. Ganga Prasad, Manish K Niranjan and Saket Asthana, “ Structural and electronic properties Of Cubic AgMO3 (M=Nb, Ta) by first principles calculations”, AIP Conference Proceedings, 2016, 1728, 020102.

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