Dr S Shashi Devi

Humanities and Science
Faculty Id:
Associate Professor
Vidwan ID:
Years of Experience:
17 years
Employment Status:
Full Time – Ratified by JNTUH

Date of Birth:

26 May , 1974


Ph.D in Solid State Ionics 2015 ,Osmania University, Hyderabad
PG Degree in M.Sc. (Physics),1996, University college of women’s, Koti, Osmania University
UG Degree in B.Sc. (Maths, Physics, Chemistry),1994,Bhavan’s new science college, Osmania University

Areas of Specialization :

Microwave technology, Solid state ionics, Solid State physics

Subjects Taught:

Applied Physics, Engineering Physics, Solid state physics, Modern Physics, Statistical Mechanics, Classical Mechanics, Mathematical Physics, Quantum Mechanics

Papers Published:

International Journal:

  1. S.Shashidevi, S. Narender reddy A. Sadananda charyElectrical and Dielectrical Properties of 0.19 Ba (NO3)20.81KNO3:CeO2Solid Electrolyte System. Elsevier, Procedia materials science, 2015, Procedia Materials Science 10 (2015) 651 – 659. ,
  2. S.Shashidevi,S. Narender Reddy A. Sadananda Chary,Ionic conductivity studies in Ba (NO3)2-KNO3 mixed crystalsPelagia Research Library, ISSN: 0976-8505, Der Chemica Sinica, 2012, 3(6):1337-1342.
  3. S. Shashi devi ,S. Narender Reddy A. Sadananda CharyEffect of dispersion of Nano alumina on DC ionic conductivity of XKNO– (1-X)Ba (NO3)2., IJIRSET, ISSN: 2319-8753, Vol 3, Special Issue 2nd February 2014
  4. S. Shashi devi,S. Narender Reddy A. Sadananda CharyAC Conductivity and complex impedance analysis of Ba (NO3)2– KNO3 mixed crystalsScholars research journal ISSN: 0976-0970. Archives of Applied Science Research, 2013, 5 (3):241-246.
  5. S. Shashi devi ,S. Narender Reddy A. Sadananda CharyGrowth, characterization and ionic conductivity studies on composite solid electrolyte system 0.19Ba (NO3)– 0.81KNO3: SiO2. ISST Journal of Applied Physics, 20152014
  6. S. Shashi devi,S. Narender Reddy A. Sadananda CharyPhenomenological hysteresis and enhanced ionic conductivity of solid electrolyte Ba (NO3)2-KNO3 mixed crystals. Pelagia Research Library, Der Chemica Sinica, 2013, 4(4):55-61 2014
  7. S. Shashi devi ,S. Narender Reddy A. Sadananda Chary,B .L. Aruna Kumari20152014 DC Ionic conductivity studies on Ba (NO3)2 dispersed with SiO2International Journal of Engineering Research, Online A Peer Reviewed International Journal, ISSN: 2321-7758, Vol.3, S3, 2015.
  8. S. Shashi devi ,T. Vijay Kumar, S. Narender Reddy,A.Sadananda Chary.Enhancement of DC ionic conductivity with particle size of dispersoid in XKNO3 – 1-X Ba (NO3)2. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, ISSN 2229-5518, Volume 4, Issue 4, April-2013. 20152014

International Conference:

  1. S.Shashi Devi “Electrical and Dielectrical Properties of 0.19Ba(NO3)2 –0.81KNO3:CeOSolid Electrolyte System “2nd International Conference on Nanomaterials and Technologies (CNT 2014), Vardhaman College of Engineering. Hyderabad, India, 17-18 October 2014
  2. S.Shashi Devi International conference on Applications of Renewable and Sustainable Energy for Industry and Society, Department of Physics, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, 23-25 January 2016

National Conference:

  1. S.Shashi Devi “Growth, characterization and ionic conductivity studies on composite solid electrolyte system 0.19Ba (NO3)– 0.81KNO3: SiO2National Conference on Applied Physics and Material Science, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Haryana, India 5-6 February 2015

Books Published:


Research Projects Undertaken: