IPR Policy


One of the principal mission of Vardhaman College of engineering (hereinafter VCE) is to engage itself in assimilating and imparting knowledge and provide a nurturing environment to students and faculty to apply the science, technology and engineering principles in innovative projects. VCE recognizes that creative endeavors are a natural outcome of the pursuit of this mission. Accordingly the institute has been encouraging students and faculty to innovate through research work such that it qualifies for patenting and protection. VCE also recognizes that the efficient management of research activity and related intellectual property rights (IPRs) would strengthen the institute and provide a strong foundation for growth of human resources, research projects and technologies. To sustain the focus and to support of these goals, VCE is providing policy guidelines for inventions, copyrightable works, trademark and other related intellectual property rights arising from the activities of its faculty, staff, students and other who use VCE internal as well as external (those provided through an externally funded grant, contact, or other type of award or gift to the institution) resources.