Mr. Abhishek Dixit

Information Technology
Faculty Id:
Associate Professor
Vidwan Id:
Years of Experience:
15 years
Employment Status:
Full Time – Non Ratified by JNTUH

Date of Birth:

15 January 1981


Ph.D. in ICT 2018 – till date from Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia
M.E  in Software engineering, 2007, Thapar University, Patiala
M.Sc. in Information technology ,2003, HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar

Areas of Specialization:

Blockchain technology,  Game theory, Smart contracts, Declarative programing

Subjects Taught:


Papers Published:


  1. Dixit, Abhishek; Deval, Vipin; Dwivedi, Vimal; Norta, Alexander; Draheim, Dirk (2022). Towards user-centred and legally relevant smart-contract development: a systematic literature review. Journal of IndustrialInformation Integration. [SCI, ELSEVIER]
  2. Dwivedi, Vimal; Pattanaik, Vishwajeet; Deval, Vipin; Dixit, Abhishek; Norta, Alex; Draheim, Dirk (2021). Legally enforceable smart-contract languages: A systematic literature review. ACM Computing Surveys, 54 (5), 110, 1−34. [SCI, ACM]
  3. Viplove Divyasheesh, Anil Pandey, Abhishek Dixit, “Hypothetical Analysis about computational feasibility of Time Travel ” International Journal of Engineering Research in Computer Science and Engineering (IJERCSE) Vol4, Issue 5, May 2017, Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP), ISSN (Online) 2394-2320.
  4. Sarita Singh, Abhishek Dixit, “An Approach for Enhancing the security of playfair cipher”, Imperial Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIR), Vol-3, Issue-6, 2017, ISSN: 24541362,
  5. Amrita kaur, Abhishek Dixit,” Recognition of Overlapped 2D Geometrical Objects”, International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication (IJRITCC), ISSN: 2321-8169-6296 – 6300, November 15, 2015, Volume: 3 Issue: 11.





  1. Dwivedi, Vimal; Deval, Vipin; Dixit, Abhishek; Norta, Alex (2019). Formal-verification of smart-contract languages: A survey. Advances in Computing and Data Sciences : Third International Conference, ICACDS 2019, Ghaziabad, India, April 12-13, 2019, Revised Selected Papers, Part II (738−747). Singapore: Springer.(Communications in Computer and Information Science; 1046). [SCOPUS].
  2. Dixit, Abhishek; Norta, Alex (2018). A self-aware contract for decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) commerce. Proceedings 2018 IEEE 3rd International Workshops on Foundations and Applications of Self* Systems – FAS*W 2018 – 3-7 September 2018, Trento, Italy. Los Alamitos, Calif.: IEEE, 17−19. [WOS, SCOPUS]



  1. Abhishek Dixit, Ankur Kumar, “Deep Learning: Review of Models and Applications”, 4th Computer Science National Conference, NATCOM, SRMSCET&R, March 2017
  2. Ratna Awasthi, Abhishek Dixit, “State-of-the-art of Sequence Alignment inBioinformatics”, Recent Trends in Software Engineering Research(RTSER-2014), National Conference, SRMSCET,Bareilly March 8th ,2014
  3. Tanmi Kapoor, Abhishek Dixit, Shantanu Chakraborty, “Study of Content Based Image Retrieval Using Shape Feature”, National Conference ACNIS 2014, SRMSWCET, Bareilly, Nov 22, 2014.
  4. Abhishek Dixit, Shivani Goel “Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Countermeasures”, COMMUNE 2007,April 18, 2007 at NIT, Kurukshetra, India.

Research Projects Undertaken:


Invited Talks:

  1. “Research Trends in Blockchain and Smart Contract for Placement”, Margdarshan, Virtual Live Session for Third and Final Year Undergraduate Students on 5 th May, 2020 organized by, Consilio Intelligence Research Lab and SKInfotechies, Noida, India.
  2.  “Advanced module on smart-contracts – Intelligent smart-contracts”, 1st Blockchain & Smart Contracts Sommerschule (BloSSom), Universitat Rostock and Taltech, 25 th September 2019, Tallinn, Estonia