Mr. Satheesh Kumar S

Information Technology
Faculty Id:
Assistant Professor
Vidwan Id:
Years of Experience:
9 years
Employment Status:
Full Time – Non Ratified by JNTUH

Date of Birth:



PG Degree ME SE, 2012, SRM Eswari Engineering College, Affiliated to Anna University
UG Degree BE ,CSE,2010,Bannari Amman Institute of Tech., Affiliated to Anna University

Areas of Specialization:

Cyber Security

Subjects Taught:

Computer Networks, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Cryptography, Network Security

Papers Published:

  1. A Comparative study of wi-fi and wi-fi 6, published, tamil nadu, india 2020, bannari amman institute. (Mr.S.satheesh kumar Dr.p.sathish kumar, )
  2. Maximizing the network lifetime by using mobile data gathering in wireless sensor networks, published, tamil nadu, india, (ICRTECITA-2018)
  3. A Novel Approach For User Navigation Pattern Discovery And Analysis For Web Usage Mining” published, Journal of Computer Science, vol. 11, Issue. 2, pp. 372-382, Sep 2014. ISSN 1552-6607 (Dr.j.vellingiri, Mr.S.Satheesh kumar, Dr.S.Kaliraj)
  4. “Investigation on User Web Navigation Using Enhanced Active Ontology Cluster and Subjective Association Rules” published, INFORMATION-An International Interdisciplinary Journal, vol. 17, no. 8, pp. 3769-3788, Aug 2014 (Dr.j.vellingiri, Mr.S.Satheesh kumar, Dr.S.Kaliraj)
  5. “Public Auditing and User Revocation in Dynamic Cloud Environment” published International Journal of Emerging Technologies and Engineering, vol. 1, Issue. 9, pp. 212-216, Oct 2014. ISSN 2348 – 8050.(Dr.j.vellingiri, Mr.S.Satheesh kumar, Dr.S.Kaliraj)
  6. Validation and Verification on Space Flight Software from Model Design, published International Journal of Scientific Research Engineering and Technology, vol. 3, Issue. 8, pp. 1174-1177, Nov 2014. ISSN 2278-0882

Books Published:


Research Projects Undertaken:



CCNA, CCNA security, cyber security essential