Internal Complaints Committee

S No. Profile Name of the Member Position
Dr. Shanthi Makka Chairman
Dr. S. Venu Gopal Convener
Ms. V. Kavitha Member, Faculty
Mr. M. Seshagiri Member,
Non-Teaching Staff
Ms. K. Vijitha Member,
Non-Teaching Staff
Ms. M. Aiswarya Member, Student
Ms. K. Meghana Member, Student
Mr. Yogesh Member, Student

Functions & Responsibilities:

  • On receipt of a written complaint, the committee shall promptly initiate inquiry.
  • If in case any person approaches any of the committee member, the member is immediately required to inform others.
  • A written compliant is required to be taken from the aggrieved person, necessary action to be taken, preferably to settle the matter through counselling and conciliation as soon as possible.
  • The Complaints Committees are required to provide for conciliation before initiating an inquiry, if requested by the complainant.
  • In case the matter is not so sorted, inquiry to be conducted and matter to be sorted out within 10 days from the date of inquiry.
  • The Complaints Committees have the powers to gather evidence.
  • On completion of the inquiry, the report will be sent to the grievance cell/ principal/ employer, as the case may be.
  • The inquiry process should be confidential.
  • The committee should ensure to create awareness. The members should vigilant all the time and ensure that there is no such incident taking place in campus by creating awareness and having an open dialogue with all the students.
  • Members of the committee should include a senior woman employee and two or more employees.