Laboratories – EEE

S. No. Room No Name of the Laboratory  Area in Sqm Name of the Lab In-charge Supporting Staff
1 3123a Basic Electrical Engineering Laboratory 67.25 Mr. A. Ananda Kumar Mr. M. Seshagiri
2 3111b Control Systems Laboratory 108.15 Mr. B. Raja Gopal Reddy Mr. Sk. Rahimpasha
3 3019 Electrical Drives Laboratory 88.8 Mr. K. Kalyan Kumar Mr. S. Narender Kumar Goud
4 3122 Electrical Measurements & Instrumentation Laboratory 68.31 Mr. D. Srinivasulu Mr. S. Narender Kumar Goud
5 3007 Electrical Machines – I Laboratory 291.49 Mr. T.C. Srinivasa Rao Mr. S. Narender Kumar Goud
6 3007 Electrical Machines – II Laboratory 291.49 Mr. N.Srinivas Mr. S. Narender Kumar Goud
7 3116a Network Analysis Laboratory 99.1 Mr. B. Rajagopal Reddy Mr. Sk. Rahimpasha
8 3111a Power Electronics Laboratory 100.94 Dr. K. Venkatraman Mr. Sk. Rahimpasha
9 3010 Power System Laboratory 99.91 Dr. Md. Imran Sharieff Mr. M. Seshagiri
10 3116b Power Semi Conductor Drives Laboratory 66.95 Mr. K. Kalyan Kumar Mr. A. Vijay Kumar
11 3125 Power Electronics (PEED) Laboratory 80.34 Dr. B. Harish Mr. A. Vijay Kumar
12 3125 Research Laboratory 80.34 Dr. H. S. Jain Mr. A. Vijay Kumar
13 3116c Simulation Laboratory 112.27 Dr. B. Harish Mr. Sk. Rahimpasha