Library Rules and Regulations

1. SILENCE & CLEANLINESS should be strictly maintained in & around the Library & Information Centre

2. Each Student is eligible for 4 (Four) Non Transferable Library Borrower Cards, on which he/she can borrow Books for a Period of 14 (FOURTEEN) Days. These Library Cards must be RENEWED at the beginning of each SEMESTER.

3.All the Students should RETURN their Library Borrower Cards after completion of their Course and obtain a NO-DUE- Certificate from the Library & Information Centre.

4.While borrowing the Book(s) the student is ADVISED to ensure that the Book(s) are in PROPER condition. If any Page(s) are MISSING or DAMAGED, inform the same to the Library Staff on Duty.

5.Avoid making Pencil / Pen Marks, Underlining, or any other type of Damage to the Book(s). If any such things are noticed at the time of returning the books, the Borrower will be held RESPONSIBLE.

6.In case the Book is lost, the Borrower has to REPLACE the Same Edition or the LATEST EDITION of the Lost Book. If the Book is not available Borrower has to pay the COST of the Book (Two times for the Book published after 1999 / Three times for the Book published on or before 1999)

7.Borrowers should RETURN the books ON or BEFORE the Due Date. Defaulter will be fined

Days of Delay Library Fine
Up to 15 Days Rs. 1.00 ps per day.
16 to 30 Days Rs. 1.00 ps per day + ONE Month Suspension of Library Card.
31 to 60 Days Rs. 1.00 ps per day + TWO Months Suspension of Library Card.
61 to 70 Days Cost of the Book as a Fine + Three Months Suspension of Lib. Card.
More than 71Days All the 4 Library Cards will be suspended for a minimum period of One Semester Period

8.REFERENCE BOOKS are NOT for ISSUE and they should be referred WITHIN the Library & Information Centre only.

9.WATCH the Notice Board of the Library & Information Centre every time you visit.

10.Consult the Library Staff on Duty for any other Information or Clarification.

11. Any marking or writing in the book is strictly prohibited.

12. Misbehavior in the library will lead to cancellation of membership and also attracts serious disciplinary action.

13.If you have any Suggestions and Problems in the Library & Information Centre, Please See the LIBRARIAN in person or send the E-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

14. Students are advised to maintain Silence in the Library Premises.

15. The College Library works on all working days between 8.30am.7.30p.m depending on timetable.

16. Books should be returned on or before the due date a fine of Rs.1 per day book will be charged for late returning of books.

17. One renewal is allowed if there is no demand for the same book by other reader.

18. Students are advised to check carefully the physical condition of the book before it is issued. Once the book is issued he/she will be held responsible to return the book in good condition.

19. If the book is damaged, the borrower has to replace a new copy or pay double the prevailing cost in the market along with postal charges and processing fee of RS.50/-each.

20. Reference books such as Dictionaries, Enclopaedias, Year Books, Journals, projects reports, Textbooks with a marking REFERENCE etc., will not be issued.

21. Students are advised not to bring their personal belongings and books into the Library except a note Book for making notes.

22. Every Faculty / Student Entering Into The Library Should Sign The Gate Register.

23. You are Solely Responsible for The Transactions Made against Your Library Cards.

24. No Entertainment of Monopolizing Of Books Will Not Be Done.

25. All The Students Should Return Their Library Borrower Cards After Completion Of their Course And Obtain A “No-Due” Certificate From The Library.

26. Duplicate Barrower Cards Will Be Issued After Submitting Written Intimation To Librarian With A Fine Of Rs.50/-. At least A Week Days Required for Processing.

27. The Librarian May Refuse Students To Loan Books Without Assigning Any Reasons Thereof.

28. Help Us To Help Better.