Master of Business Administration List of Courses

The following are the courses during MBA - I Semester & II Semesters

S. NoSubject CodeSubject NameCourse Description FormModel Question PaperTutorial Questions
1 GMB11T01 Management and Organization Behavior
2 GMB11T02 Statistics for Business Research
3 GMB11T03 Managerial Economics
4 GMB11T04 Financial Accounting and Analysis
5 GMB11T05 Business Law
6 GMB11T06 Business Environment
7 GMB11L01 Business Communication Lab
8 GMB11L02 IT for Managers
9 GMB11T07 Financial Management
10 GMB11T08 Marketing Management
11 GMB11T09 Human Resource Management
12 GMB11T10 Production and Operations Management
13 GMB11T11 Quantitative Decisions For Business Analysis
14 GMB11T12 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
15 GMB11L03 Data Tools Lab
16 GMB11TPRI Industry Analysis and Report Presentation
11 GMB11T13 Entrepreneurship development and good
12 GMB11T14 Cost and Management Accounting
13 GMB11T15 Strategic Management
14 GMB11T16 Management of Technology
15 Elective - I
GMB11T17 Consumer Behavior and Customer Relationship
GMB11T18 Security Analysis and portfolio Management
GMB11T19 Human resource Planning
GMB11T20 Management Information System
16 Elective - II      
GMB11T21 Service Marketing Management
GMB11T22 Financial Institutions and Markets
GMB11T23 Recruitment and Selection
GMB11T24 Knowledge Management
17 Elective - III      
GMB11T25 Retail Marketing
GMB11T26 Financial Derivatives
GMB11T27 Performance Management
GMB11T28 Information Systems, Control and Audit
18 Elective – IV      
GMB11T29 International Marketing      
GMB11T30 Strategic Investment and Finance Decision      
GMB11T31 Management of Industrial Relations      
GMB11T32 Decision Support System      
19 Elective – V
GMB11T33 Sales and Distribution Management      
GMB11T34 International Financial Management      
GMB11T35 Compensation and Reward Management      
GMB11T36 Data Mining and Data Warehousing      
20 Elective – VI
GMB11T37 Advertising and Brand Management      
GMB11T38 Insurance Management      
GMB11T39 Management of Change      
GMB11T40 E - Commerce      
21 CCS11PW1 Mini Project