Activity Based Teaching

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering are trained and certified in Teaching Learning Pedagogy through various MOOCs platforms, Faculty Development Programs and Workshops. These certification programmes expose participants to different pedagogical methods and learning styles. The department follows activity-based curriculum to teach various complex concepts in a simple understandable way. An activity-based curriculum emphasizes on teaching skills and knowledge to students through tasks and activities. Figure describes the level of understanding of students based on various practices:

Some of the active learning strategies used by faculty of Department of Mechanical Engineering are broadly classified as :

  • Learning by Doing – It is an Experiential Learning by using free and open-source software.
  • Learning through discussion among the peer group.
  • Learning through analysis Case studies – all subjects, for learning at higher cognitive level.
  • Group Projects.
  • Reflective Learning – Open ended questions by faculty, Open ended questions from students.
  • Collaborative Learning.
  • Promote Learning in slow learners.
  • Variety of Assignments and test – Knowledge level, Understand Level and Apply level.
  • Scaffolding Technique.
  • Guidance, Counseling and Mentoring