The Objectives of Industry Institute Interaction:

  • To evolve educational programmes, which are consistent with the broad requirements of the industry and which can give rise to engineering personnel capable of coping-up with the accelerating pace of the technological development.
  • To create adequate facilities for updating required knowledge to meet growth and developmental needs of the industry.
  • To coordinate the research and developmental activities.

Vardhaman College of Engineering has taken the following initiatives to develop Industry Institute Interaction:

The college has MOUs with following organizations :

  • ARK Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd
  • Genesis Bio Solutions

Industrial visit is a part of college curriculum and the objective of industrial visit is to provide students an insight into the internal working of companies. Theoretical knowledge alone is not enough for making a good professional career and industrial visit provides student a practical perspective on the world of work. With an aim to go beyond academics, the department takes the students to industries like:


1 Rachamallu forging, Hyderabad
2 Chawla industries, Hyderabad
3 Tulasi Industries ,Hyderabad
4 Mishra Dhata Nigham Limited, Hyderabad
5 Sagar thermal Corporation Limited, Hyderabad

Industry-based projects serve the purpose of allowing students to apply subject knowledge and skills to actual industrial problems. Students get benefitted by working in an industrial environment with different professionals by applying and exploring the knowledge acquired at the college. This leads to enhancement of their technical skills through practical experience.


S.No Name of the Industry
1 Bharath Heavy Electrical Limited, Hyderabad
2 DRDO, Kanchanbagh, Hyderabad
3 MIDHANI, Hyderabad
4 South central railway, Hyderabad
5 ARCI, Hyderabad
6 Madhubabu Industries Limited, Hyderabad
7 Apollo computing laboratories (p)Ltd, Hyderabad
8 Parthiraj Space Cam Laboratories, Hyderabad
9 Universal Plastics, Hyderabad
10 Bharat Polymers, Hyderabad
11 Triveni Industries, Hyderabad

Guest lecturers provide an important educational experience for students. The department invites eminent experienced speakers from academic institutions, research centres and industry to provide the students a real time learning experience. The students get an opportunity to interact with professionals in formal and informal settings.


<td1<td12-04-2018EntrepreneurshipIV B.Tech studentsEntrepreneurship

Sl.NO DATES Course Audience Content covered
2 10-02-2018 Heat transfer III  B.Tech students Design of heat exchangers
3 18-092019 Nano Technology IV B.Tech students Advances in nano technology
4 12-03-2017 Composite materials IV B.Tech students Advanced composites and Applications
5 08-08-2016 Automobile engineering IV B.Tech students Shock absorbers
6 04-08-2015 Power Plant Engineering IV B.Tech students Power from non-conventional sources
7 08-03-2016 Finite Element Method III  B.Tech students Numerical Methods