Mr. Nallimilli Srinivasa Reddy

Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Id:
Associate Professor
Vidwan ID
Years of Experience:
Employment Status:
Full Time – Ratified by JNTUH

Date of Birth:

22 November 1972

Areas of Specialization:

M.Tech (Thermal Engineering), Ph.D.(Pursuing), Mechanics of Fluids, Nano Fluids, Nano Materials,
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Hydraulic Systems, Tribology.


Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering (Pursuing), JNTUH, Hyderabad,
PG Degree in M. Tech ( Thermal Engineering),2001, JNTUH, Hyderabad,
UG Degree in B. Tech ( Mechanical Engineering),1994, SRKR Engineering College, Bhimavaram Affiliated to Andhra University,

Subjects Taught:

Engineering Mechanics,Engineering Drawing,Advanced Engineering Drawing,Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery,Metallurgy and Material Science,Production Technology,Air Craft Production Technology,Operations Research,Thermodynamics,Thermal Engineering – I,Thermal Engineering – II,Mechanics of Solids,Mechanics of Fluids,Nano Technology,Machine Tools,Power Plant Engineering,Composite Materials,Advanced Mechanics of Solids (PG)

Labs :

Engineering Work Shop Practice,Computer Aided Engineering Drawing Practice,Machine Drawing,Production Drawing,Machine Tools Lab,Production Technology Lab,Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab,Thermal Engineering Lab,Mechanics of Solids Lab

Papers Published:


  1. Subbarao Chamarthi, N.Srinivasa Reddy, G Ravi Chandra “Experimental Analysis on long term storage issues of vegetable oil and biodiesel fuel” / Environmental Technology Journal by Taylor & Francis Online ISSN: 0959-3330, August 23-24, 2013.
  2. Subbarao Chamarthi, N.Srinivasa Reddy, G Ravi Chandra “Experimental Investigation on the Performance Improvement of Biogas Plant” / International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications (IJERA) ISSN: 2248-9622, Vol. 3, Issue 3, May-Jun 2013, pp.1218-1223.
  3. Subbarao Chamarthi, N.Srinivasa Reddy, Ch Chandra Mouli “Investigation Analysis on Design and Modification of a Conventional Floating Dome Digester” / International Journal of Computational Engineering Research (IJCER), ISSN: 2250-3005, 25th June -2013.
  4. Subbarao Chamarthi, Dr. Purnanand V Bhale, N.Srinivasa Reddy, Ch Chandra Mouli ” Laboratory scale experiments for biogas production using gas chromatography analysis” / International organization of scientific research (IOSRJEN), ISSN: 2250-3021, 27th July -2013.


  1. N.Srinivasa Reddy, P.Srinivas Rao, T.Kishen Kumar Reddy, “CFD Analysis on Hydro-Thermodynamic behaviour of Nano Fluid Flows” (Abstract no: NT2013-T010070349-379) accepted for the 3rd Nano Today Conference (December 8-11, 2013) in Biopolis, Singapore.
  2. Subbarao Chamarthi, N.Srinivasa Reddy, Manoj Kumar Elipey, D v Ramana Reddy ” Investigation Analysis of Plasma arc cutting Parameters on the Unevenness surface of Hardox-400 material” / International Conference on Design and Manufacturing (IConDM2013), IIITD&M Kancheepuram,Chennai, INDIA, ISSN: 1877-7058. July 18-20, 2013.
  3. Subbarao Chamarthi, N.Srinivasa Reddy, G Ravi Chandra ” Experimental Analysis on long term storage issues of vegetable oil and biodiesel fuel” / 1st International Conference on Technologies for Sustainable Waste Management in Developing Countries –ICTW, Vignan University, Vadlamudi,Guntur(dist), Andhra Pradesh ,India,ISSN: 0959-3330, August 23-24, 2013.
  4. Subbarao Chamarthi, N.Srinivasa Reddy, D V Ramana Reddy, Ch Chandra Mouli “Investigation Analysis on Different Operational Parameters of Solar Air Heaters- A Review”/ Conference on New & Renewable Energy Technologies held by PSG College of Coimbatore, 27th April,2013.
  5. SV Prabhakar Vattikuti, N.Srinivasa Reddy, T.V.Seshaianaidu ,K.Mani Kumari, K.J.Ma and H.H.Chien “Nanostructured Coatings via Environment Friendly Deposition Technique for Demanding Tribological Applications”, Proceedings of 2nd world conference on Applied Science, Engineering and Technology held on March 8-9, GITAMS University, Hyderabad, India, 2013.

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