Mini Projects

Project Title : Tweetment
Project  Id : 16MINIA-1
Guide Details : Ms.Thimmapuram Madhuri

Assistant Professor

Team Members : K Sri Satya Lokesh, K Sai Siddhartha, K Ruthvik Reddy
Abstract Nowadays people are mostly using social media to express their views on a particular topic. People nowadays use twitter mostly to express their opinion on a particular thing by mentioning (tagging) about that in their tweets. So this analysis helps to predict the kind of opinions people are having on a particular topic based on keyword or a hashtag they usually mention while posting their tweets. The main objective of this project is to analyze the sentiment in real-time tweets based on a hashtag or keyword in twitter by text processing.
Project Title : Customer Requirement Analysis
Project  Id : 16MINIA-2
Guide Details : Mr Suresh Kumar Assistant Professor
Team Members : P Kalyan Bhushan, N Sriharshini Patel, E Akhilesh
Abstract To examine and analyze the user generated data and based on the results identify the customer requirements. Approach: 1. Taking some data sets from public sources and any other companys regarding sales. 2. Making use of deep learning models like CNN (convolutional neural network ) and its filters to extract the informative data from the above data sets . 3. Finally, extracting customer requirements manually.
Project Title : Online Food Recipe
Project  Id : 16MINIA-3
Guide Details : Mr Muralidhar Mourya Assistant Professor
Team Members : T Vignesh, Ch Shiva, P Sai Babu, L Sandeep
Abstract Today, there are a lot of recipes or cookbooks out there. There are a lot of recipe software applications and, literally, thousands of websites have recipes for everything. Though there is now more recipe or food or kitchen information available than ever, most of it is stuck in the trappings of the old fashioned cookbook where the user still have to flip paper pages, cannot combine multiple recipes into one meal and, unless the user have a very good memory, can seldom remember which book had what recipe the user might want. As the days go by, we tend to choose meals on the spur of the method, often based on what is easy or available. Our page provides the ingredients and the process of making a delicious recipe that user want to cook individually.
Project Title : Project Management
Project  Id : 16MINIA-4
Guide Details : Mr S K Prashanth Associate Professor
Team Members : G Sai kiran Reddy, K Anudeep
Abstract During project Development, forming of team and advancement for abstract submission and evaluation is the main problem. Each team has an Evaluator who suggest what are the changes needed and evaluate the projects frequently. Monitoring of activities in the project is an issue to be concerned about. To avoid
these problems, wed of a new application which can satisfy the participants by solving their issues and making their project submission and evaluation faster and secure. So, we thought of an solution in form of application named- STUDENT ACADEMIC PROJECT MANAGEMENT. In this we have a login page for the participants which will classify them based on credentials and form teams. Each team will be allocated an evaluator automatically to monitor their activities in both online and offline modes. The participants uploads their projects and abstracts which are monitored by the mentor, as such he can suggest the desired changes in the abstracts. In this we also have a facility of adding some specifications like

Assignment submissions, quiz ,chat box between mentor and participants etc

Project Title : Got Your Bank
Project  Id : 16MINIA-5
Guide Details : Ms Shoba Rani

Associate Professor

Team Members : Sravanth, K Nitesh, P Rohith, V Hemanth
Abstract There is a serious void of products in the market to deal with psychological problems/issues like stress, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. The idea is to create a web site with an integrated trained bot. Website consists of resources to clinically explain an issue, measures to cope up with the issue, sections which help the victims to gradually come out of the issue using psychological effects of songs and others. The bot can act as an assistance and can clarify user issues.
Project Title : Student library application
Project  Id : 16MINIA-6
Guide Details : Mr Sai Krishna Mothuku Associate Professor
Team Members : M Abhishek,M Ravi Teja, P Ashok Chakravarthy, P Shanthan
Abstract The application keep’s track of every transactions and display all the details of the delayed books. Retrieve the information in minimum time. Simplifies the task and reduce the paperwork. Alerting the students about the delayed books.
Project Title : STUBEZZ
Project  Id : 16MINIA-7
Guide Details : Mr Satya Kumar

Associate Professor

Team Members : K Bharath, G Saideep, T Pavan
Abstract The Physical Class-room Learning now-a-days no longer applicable for current generation,we find it difficult to overcome the learning challenges and the possible achievements.To bridge this gap,the concepts such as E- learning has become the part of effective education.
Project Title : DLS Estimator
Project  Id : 16MINIA-8
Guide Details : Dr S Shitharth

Assistant Professor

Team Members : G Vineel Reddy, M Raj Datta, M Sachin, M Parthasaradhi
Abstract As we know that many of the matches are interrupted by rain,the target score for batting second is given by the method called DLS (Duckworth-Lewis-Stern)method. It is a mathematical calculation used to calculate target score. When overs are lost setting an adjusted target for the team batting second is not as simple as reducing the run target proportionally to loss in overs because a team with ten wickets in hand and 25 overs to bat can play more aggressively than if they had ten wickets and a full 50 overs.The basic principle is that each team in a limited-overs match has two resources available with which to score runs (overs to play and wickets remaining), and the target is adjusted proportionally to the change in the combination of these two resources.


Project Title : Student Profile Management
Project  Id : 16MINIA-9
Guide Details : Dr D Vaishnavi

Assistant Professor

Team Members : Abhishek Sunkara, B Sankeerth, B Saketh
Abstract Student Profile Management deals with two major components

1.  Student Attendance

2.  Student Marks

•                    Student Profile management system has become important factors in modern education field.

•                    This system should help the institutional to stream line the administrative task and provide real time access to data

•                    Building this system app-based interface will further help the ease of accessibility through any mobile

Project Title : Chart Bot
Project  Id : 16MINIA-10
Guide Details : Dr Ashwani Kumar  Associate Professor
Team Members : D Anjan Kumar Reddy, M Pavan Kumar, MD. Afroz, K Chetan Raja
Abstract The users verify their data is free from bad words or not. They may have good conversation with bot like greetings. Chat bots typically provide a text-based user interface, allowing the user to type commands and receive text as well as text to speech response. Chat bots are usually a stateful services, remembering previous commands (and perhaps even conversation) in order to provide functionality.
Project Title : Olympic Analysis
Project  Id : 16MINIA-11
Guide Details : Mr V Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Assistant Professor
Team Members : K Sushmitha, P Tejaswini, Shreya, Nikitha
Abstract Olympics are held every four years. They are considered the world’s foremost sports competition with athletes from more than 200 nations participating in variety of sports. Being the oldest and grandest sporting event ,a large amount of data has been acquired from games history . This project analyzes previous data and suggests improvements to the progress of country.
Project Title : Flip-Flop Word Game
Project  Id : 16MINIA-12
Guide Details : Mr S Venu Gopal, Associate Professor
Team Members : M Pragna Reddy, M Naimisha Reddy, MD Ayesha, G Niharika
Abstract In Flip-Flop Word Game, First, a word will be displayed on the screen for 50 sec and the player has to memorize the word. After 50 sec, the word disappears and reappears but in scrambled order with one letter in each box. The player gets only one minute of time to remember the scrambled order after which it disappears. And now, the player has to write the sequence of the block numbers for the original word i.e., the player has to unscramble and arrange the blocks properly to form the given word and then write the block numbers of the letters when they were scrambled.



Given Word: E D U C A T I O N
Scrambled Word:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9(Block number)
Final Answer:
2 4 7 9 6 1 8 3 5

Project Title : Website (ARTCLUB)
Project  Id : 16MINIA-13
Guide Details : Mr Y Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Associate Professor
Team Members : B Sreehitha, B Sai Bhargavi, G Pravallika
Abstract Arts and Crafts is hobby of many people . Some people show interest in creating the Arts and some maintain a collection. Sometimes people may not be satisfy with crafts they find on websites and searching on different websites is time consuming also. They need a platform where they can showcase they Arts and Crafts and also can buy them. PROPOSED SOLUTION: . This is the website where people can register, upload and showcase their Arts and Crafts . This is a great platform for Art lovers where they can find a hug collection of arts and can buy them. We notify the users if there is any event or expo organized by any organization

CONCLUSION : Arts and Crafts describes a wide varieties of activities involving making things with one’s own hand.

Project Title : Android App (Data Analysis on Android app market)
Project  Id : 16MINIA-14
Guide Details : Dr S Nageswara Rao Professor
Team Members : R Satwik, G Laxmi Kumar, M Shiva Kumar
Abstract Mobile apps are everywhere and they are easy to create and can be lucrative.Now a days we can see many apps are being deployed in google play store.Here in this project we will do comphrehensive analysis on android app market by comparing over several apps in google play store across several categories . By this analysis, the app developer can be able to predict his application before deploying it in playstore.However, every app developer will expect his app to be more successful and it should be used by everyone and gain some profits too.This analysis will give a glance on the previous app market so that developer can choose which app is mostly used by people.
Project Title : InfoSecBot
Project  Id : 16MINIA-15
Guide Details : Mr Satya Kumar

Associate Professor

Team Members : P Wihar, P Vineeth, T Rohit
Abstract People when applying for pan card, passport, driving license ,bus pass. ,etc face difficulty in finding which is the actual website and what are the pre-required documents to complete the process. The chatbot shall list the pre-required documents and then collect the appropriate information from the user which is required to complete the application process. The chatbot shall even complete the payment process if required and then provides the end-registration document at the end of the process to the user.
Project Title : Stroop!  (Digital Library Management System)
Project  Id : 16MINIA-16
Guide Details : Dr. M. A. Jabbar, Professor
Team Members : D Vinay, Jetty Rajiv Chandra, K Vighneshwar Reddy
Abstract The Stroop Color and Word Test (SCWT) is a neuropsychological test extensively used to assess the ability to inhibit cognitive interference that occurs when the processing of a specific stimulus feature impedes the simultaneous processing of a second stimulus attribute, well-known as the Stroop Effect. We wish to design an android application Stroop! which is not just intended to aim at having fun or pass time but also to measure the ability to inhibit the cognitive interference i.e., the Stroop Test. The users are required to name the color of the ink instead of the word read. Score is increased for every correct entry with in the time provided. (In the most common version of the SCWT, which was originally proposed by Stroop in the 1935, subjects are required to read three different tables as fast as possible. Two of them represent the “congruous condition” in which participants are required to read names of colors (henceforth referred to as color-words) printed in black ink (W) and name different color patches (C). Conversely, in the third table, named color-word (CW) condition, color-words are printed in an inconsistent color ink (for instance the word “red” is printed in green ink). Thus, in this incongruent condition, participants are required to name the color of the ink instead of reading the word. In other words, the participants are required to perform a less automated task (i.e., naming ink color) while inhibiting the interference arising from a more automated task (i.e., reading the word). This difficulty in inhibiting the more automated process is called the Stroop effect.)
Project  Id : 16MINIA-17
Guide Details : Ms Uma Maheswari  Assistant Professor
Team Members : T Gnani Prasad, D Vamshi, S Rakshitha, N Shravani
Abstract In the recent, the data analytics has become an emerging area of research in computer vision. The data analytics plays an important role for many applications such as fraud and risk detection, delivery logistics, customer interaction. Data is being generated very rapidly due to increase in information in everyday life. Huge amount of data get accumulated from various organizations that is difficult to analyze and exploit for a news agency to get the genuine and latest information .The main goal of the algorithm is to provide a platform for news agencies to access the news as per their requirements category . This algorithm proposes a platform for news agencies to overcome the problems faced by news agent’s . It is difficult to analyze manually for the news agent’s to know whether the news is real by searching in social media for the latest and genuine news based on the likes ,dislikes and comments etc.
Project Title : PARKEZY
Project  Id : 16MINIB-1
Guide Details : Mrs Shoba Rani   Associate Professor
Team Members : V Soumya, K Divya Sree, P Sri Divya
Abstract To reduce the traffic congestion and parking problems of public especially in tourist and public places.
Project Title : Crime Pattern Detection
Project  Id : 16MINIB-2
Guide Details : Ms T Jagadeeswari   Associate Professor
Team Members : Bhavana, Nithn, Navya
Abstract The crime rate is increasing nowadays in many countries, there must be some protection against this crime. The project CRIME RATE PREDICTOR solves the problem. Crime data is analyzed which is stored in the database. The data mining algorithm will extract information and patterns from the database. This algorithm plays an important role in analyzing and predicting crimes. Clustering will be done based on places where the crime occurred, a gang who involved in crime and the timing crime took place. This will help to predict crime which will occur in the future. Admin will enter crime details into the system which is required for prediction. Admin can view criminal historical data. Crime incident prediction depends mainly on the historical crime record and various geospatial and demographic information.
Project Title : Future sales prediction
Project  Id : 16MINIB-3
Guide Details : Mr. Gouse Baig Mohammad, Assistant Professor
Team Members : A Pravalika, P Bilwakshi, E Hemanth Kumar
Abstract The data scientists at BigMart have collected 2013 sales data for 1559 products across 10 stores in different cities. Also, certain attributes of each product and store have been defined. The aim is to build a predictive model and find out the sales of each product at a particular store. Using this model, company will try to understand the properties of products and stores which play a key role in increasing sales.
Project Title : Securing data in image
Project  Id : 16MINIB-4
Guide Details : Mr Suresh Kumar   Assistant Professor
Team Members : Katta Neeharika, Gannepaga Sridevi, Gummadi Priyanka, Dodla Shreya
Abstract Steganography is the art of hiding the fact that communication is taking place, by hiding information in other information. Many different carrier file formats can be used, but digital images are the most popular because of their frequency on the internet. For hiding secret information in images, there exists a large variety of steganography techniques some are more complex than others and all of them have respective strong and weak points. Different applications may require absolute invisibility of the secret information, while others require a large secret message to be hidden. This project report intends to give an overview of image steganography, its uses and techniques. It also attempts to identify the requirements of a good steganography algorithm and briefly reflects on which steganographic techniques are more suitable for which applications.
Project Title : Lung Cancer Prediction Using K-NN Algorithm
Project  Id : 16MINIB-5
Guide Details : Mr Muralidhar Mourya   Assistant Professor
Team Members : A.Kiranmai, J.NithyaSri Reddy, Y.Vaishnava deepa
Abstract Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. It is estimated that 1.8 million deaths predicted in the year 2018.In men, lung cancer was common cancer with 15.5 % of total cases were diagnosed in 2018, with highest rates in eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, and central Europe. In women, lung cancer is the 3rd major cancer. Early diagnosis of cancer will help medical experts in the cancer research and due to the efforts of researchers; the mortality rate is declined over the years. ML has been used in cancer detection for nearly two decades. Cancer is a heterogeneous disease consists of many subtypes. Early diagnosis and prognosis of cancer will help in clinical management of patients. This project deals with developing a decision support system for early prediction of lung cancer using K-NN a data mining technique.
Project Title : Automated Trash Can
Project  Id : 16MINIB-6
Guide Details : Ms Uma Maheswari   Assistant Professor
Team Members : Nissy Joy Gummadi
Abstract In recent decades, Urbanization has increased tremendously. At the same phase, there is an increase in waste production. Waste management has been a crucial issue to be considered. In this project, the trash can is built on a microcontrollerbased platform Arduino Uno board which is interfaced with GSM modem and Ultrasonic sensor. An ultrasonic sensor is placed at the top of the trash can which will measure the stature of the trash can. The threshold stature is set as 10cm. Arduino will be programmed in such a way that when the trash can is being filled, the remaining height from the threshold height will be displayed. Once the garbage reaches the threshold level ultrasonic sensor will trigger the GSM modem which will continuously alert the required authority until the garbage in the trash can is squashed. Once it is squashed, people can reuse. At regular intervals, it will be squashed. Once these automated trash cans are implemented on a large scale, by replacing our traditional bins present today, waste can be managed efficiently as it avoids unnecessary lumping of wastes on the roadside. Foul smell from these rotten wastes that remain untreated for a long time, due to the negligence of authorities and carelessness of public may lead to long term problems. Breeding of insects and mosquitoes can create nuisance around promoting the unclean environment. This may even cause dreadful diseases.
Project Title : Analyzing Road Accidents 
Project  Id : 16MINIB-7
Guide Details : Mr S K Prashanth   Associate Professor
Team Members : G .Ajith Kumar, S. Naveen, R. Mohana krishna, R.Ajay Kumar
Abstract The main aim of this project is, then selected ten risk factors as primary independent variables: professional driver, driving under influence (alcohol or drug), fatigue, vehicle type, overload, brake problem, weather, road classification, terrain, and region. The method of negative binominal regression was implemented to investigate the association between these risk factors and extremely serious road accidents. Analysis shows that the distribution of road accidental deaths and injuries in India varies according to age, gender, month and time. Moreover, road accidents are relatively higher in extreme weather and during working hours. Language used for this project is Python and dataset from the government website
Project Title : Loan Friendly
Project  Id : 16MINIB-8
Guide Details : Dr Ashwani Kumar   Associate Professor
Team Members : V.Vamshi, K M Anudeep Yadav  , CH Radheesh Reddy, M. Shiva Prasad
Abstract Distribution of the loans is the core business part of almost every bank. The main portion the bank’s assets directly comes from the interest earned from the loans distributed by the banks. The prime objective in banking environment is to invest their assets in safe hands where it is. Today many banks/financial companies approves loan after a regress process of verification and validation but still there is no guarantee whether the chosen applicant is the deserving right applicant out of all applicants.
Project Title : ALGOVIS
Project  Id : 16MINIB-9
Guide Details : Mr K Kotaiah Swamy   Assistant Professor
Team Members : K Chiranjeevi Karthik, K Shiva Prasad, Naveen Chavan, Bharath Chandra
Abstract It is quite common to get stuck while learning algorithms if you are a novice student. Algovis is an experiment to visualize the algorithms imitating the conventional classroom teaching approach. Most of the Algorithm visualisation projects deliver an abstract visualization where the main criteria would be to analyze the performance of an algorithm. But we focus on delivering a learning experience to the student. Visualizations that we try to create will be in a dynamic way that enables any novice student to understand the algorithms effectively. And every algorithm is provided with a trace along with it so that the student can understand the current execution of code in visualisation. And also every Visualization is given options which help the user to change values randomly. And the visualizations are made available to be accessed from any device by developing this whole idea as a web app. We intend to make it simple and easy to use as we proceed furthe
Project Title : Analysing The Performance Of Various Classification Algorithms
Project  Id : 16MINIB-10
Guide Details : Mr S Venu Gopal   Associate Professor


Team Members : P Sudheer, V Sai Teja, S Shiva Teja
Abstract One of the challenging tasks in machine learning is classification. There are multiple algorithms to perform classification. We may consider either simple ‘Logistic regression’ or complex ‘Neural Networks’, choosing the right algorithm for the problem is of uttermost importance. Although various algorithms may produce a wide variety of solutions with varied accuracy, we can fine-tune any model to attain its maximum accuracy. Our goal of this project is to take a dataset (In this project we are going to use Titanic survival list dataset) and use various algorithms to create a model. And analyzing the accuracy of the algorithms by fine-tuning each algorithm model. And finally, we would create a table consisting of a list of algorithms and their accuracies. Which would help us understand what are the best algorithms to use if we want to solve a classification problem. And also this analysis of ours may help anyone in choosing an algorithm to solve a similar kind of problem that we had taken.
Project Title : Movie Bot and Analytics
Project  Id : 16MINIB-11
Guide Details : Mr V Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy   Assistant Professor
Team Members : P Tarun, T Shiva Kumar, R S Lokesh, V Nishar
Abstract Movie Bot and Analytics is as automated and interactive bot that gives instantaneous replies about the movie query requested by the end user. This saves a lot of time of the users in searching about the correct movie details and reviews from many websites. The bot channel (Slack, Facebook) receives request from the end user and transfers the request to bot code. The bot code requests the java web API the details about the required movie and the web API sends the response in the form of Json. This is converted and displayed to the end user.
Project Title : Maintaining supply demand gap of online rental cabs through data analysis
Project  Id : 16MINIB-12
Guide Details : Mr. Sai Krishna Mothku, Assistant Professor


Team Members : G Siddarth, V Suraj, Sai Rahul
Abstract online rental cabs faces the problems related to cancellation and unavailability of cabs which results in customers dissatisfaction and loss of company revenue. In our project we conclude the reasons for the cancellation and unavailability of cabs and provide the solutions ( recommended ways) to overcome it .


Project Title : Studio_book
Project  Id : 16MINIB-13
Guide Details : Mr. M. A. Ranjit Kumar
Team Members : Poojitha D Naidu, A Mayuka, prudhvi, R Shiva
Abstract This is a new technological website for Telugu film industry which deals with all the celebrities from the south (It is exclusively for movie artists). Our website acts as a personal manager for artists & people in the telugu film industry. It will be helpful to manage the dates of an artist, In addition to this, it also tells users if he/she is available or unavailable on a particular date. It will be helpful in fixing an appointment with officials in telugu film industry. This website will be helpful to plan their pre-production work just by a tap of a single click. Based on the story written on the storyboard, the website is designed in such a way that pops out with all the suitable characters and their remuneration. This way a user can easily plan his budget and can view the details of cast & crew required to make up a film. All this happens with a single tap. This website allows users to modify their profile data & add additional content or information.
Project Title : Faceiden
Project  Id : 16MINIB-14
Guide Details : Mr. Y. Vijaya Bhaskar
Team Members : Kushal, K.Madhav, K.Pooja
Abstract One of the most successful application of image analysis, face recognition has recently received significant attention. Facial recognition technology has emerged as an attractive solution for identification and verification of identity claims. The datasets are predefined by the developer. The recognition has two phases: • Face acquisition, • Facial data extraction and recognition Face acquisition is a processing stage to automatically find the face region for the input sequences. Once the face is located the data extraction is done in two ways geometric feature-based methods and appearance-based methods. Face recognition can be implemented in video analysis with the help of deep metric learning, OpenCV and python packages. The video analysis with the help face recognition helps to identify required faces. The deep metric learning implements the face in videos through 128-d vector which processes the faces in the video using multiple datasets i.e., the pictures of the faces and processed as a single dataset for the identification. The dataset is analysed from the neural network of the given system. Our model can be implemented on larger scale either for the facial recognition in mobile applications or using the video with deep metric analysis to identify particular person.
Project Title : Resume mining 
Project  Id : 16MINIB-15
Guide Details : Dr. S. Nageswara Rao, Professor
Team Members : N Alekhya, CH Sathwik, CN Rishi Raj, P Vivek
Abstract Data preprocessing is the first and foremost step of natural language processing This model can take out all the vital information such as name phone number and email etc from the resume and store it in another file which eases the work of opening each and every resume and reduces human task of processing daily
Project Title : TECHNOTIFY
Project  Id : 16MINIB-16
Guide Details : Dr. Rajanikanth Aluvalu, Professor
Team Members : C Manasa, R Sanjana, A Raksha
Abstract Living in a modern world and not using digitalization is not a better way , using modern technology and internet for reducing work and increasing efficiency is a way to digital country. However the events happening in the college remains unknown to other colleges. Our main objective is to develop a web application that helps the user to register and get information about the events taking place. These days every educational institution is organizing technical/non-technical events . Students acquire knowledge on latest trends by participating in those events. Our proposed
application will be organized by colleges. The main purpose of this application is to update the information about the events taking place. The application will be deployed on the cloud. It can be accessed anywhere and anytime. Using this application, students can register to the events, payment gateway is made available.
Project Title : The Classify Binder
Project  Id : 16MINIB-17
Guide Details : Dr. M. A. Jabbar, Professor
Team Members : L Vasavi, D Sri Teja, C Akhila
Abstract In this project, we propose a solution for organizing various file formats in a directory. As it is difficult to take time and segregate different file formats in a particular directory, this program or algorithm helps to make the task easy as it organizes each different file format into separate folder in a well manner and also makes easy to remove junk files in that directory.
Project Title : Concrete Strength Prediction
Project  Id : 16MINIB-18
Guide Details : Dr. Raman Dugyala, Professor
Team Members : M Pavan Naik, C Sankhya Reddy, V Hemanth kumar
Abstract The proportioning of Concrete mix design is a major problem to achieve the required strength. Generally, traditional concrete mix design proportions are based on trial and error mix formulation or based on previous experience which leads to huge problems like Cracking, Air bubbles, Scaling etc . It is an important and primary requirement to optimize the concrete compositions by selecting the exact amount of mix design parameters.
Project Title : MAVEN
Project  Id : 16MINIB-19
Guide Details : Mr V L N Murthy & Assistant Professor
Team Members : Md Burhanuddin Shaikh, Mohd Azhar, D Bharath Reddy
Abstract Maven is an AI Powered Chatbot and a Voice Application which will help restaurants allow their customers reserve table, handle customer queries on menus, pricing, opening and closing hours, special discounts and offers, peculiar inquiries etc. Gartner( A Global Research Firm) says that by 2020, a whopping 85 percent of enterprise-customer relationships will be managed without human interactions. Surveys show that 89 percent of consumers opt to engage with businesses through text and 64 percent of consumers that communicate with businesses via text leave with a positive impression. Given that customer retention and loyalty is at the core of any service-based business, it is paramount for restaurants to fulfill and exceed expectations when it comes to guest service. Be it ordering food, making a reservation or even getting recommendations, it is impossible for service staff to meet everyone’s standards consistently, which can result in a negative brand image for the restaurant. With chatbots, your customers no longer need to make a call to reserve a table, wait for staff to attend to them or wait in line for tables to free up. Restaurants don’t need to have an exclusive service executive for the customers either. Bots can be programmed to carry out a myriad of tasks ranging from answering FAQs, making a reservation, ordering food or processing payment. The bot can carry out these tasks in a manner similar to a service executive, difference being—it can execute round the clock with zero downtime. Bots can parallel serve as an intelligence-gathering tool which assists a restaurant in understanding their customers. With customer contact details, past orders, preferred method of payment etc., the chatbot in restaurant can not only personalize a customers experience but also reward/incentivize loyal customers in order to retain them. Chatbots are perfect for service-based businesses that are so hyper-focused on the in-person experiences. By answering questions automatically and routing guests to real humans only when necessary, chatbots can help restaurants simultaneously improve customer service and also free up time for their staff to spend improving their actual in-restaurant experience.
Project Title : Kavi
Project  Id : 16MINIC-1
Guide Details : Ms T Jagadeeswari, Associate Professor


Team Members : A Goutham Sai,M Sai Sankeerth, P Sri Pravan, K Sai


Abstract Kavi in Sanskrit translates to poet in English and we call our project Kavi because we are trying to build an autonomous system that can generate poems. There have been many attempts at autonomous text generation in the field of machine learning, some successful, some not so much but generating poems just adds another level of beauty autonomous text generation systems. Our idea is a novel combination of a 1st order Markov model and a linguistics rule engine, where a pseudo-random chain of words is generated taking into account its probability as described in the Markov model which will then be sent through the rule engine to validated the aesthetic beauty of the verse generated. The rule engine includes two components a syntactic rule engine which validates the syntactic validity of the verses generated and a phonemic engine which validates the phonemic aesthetics of each verse generated taking into account the phonemes in the previous verses. Though writing a poem is a work of creativity and a statistical model like a Markov model might not be ever able to replicate a human poet, the success of this project validates the use of 1st order Markov models in text generation and its increased effectiveness when combined with a suitable linguistic rule engine.
Project Title : Block Buster
Project  Id : 16MINIC-2
Guide Details : Mr. Pallati Narsimhulu, Associate Professor
Team Members : MD. Khalid Roshan, B Sriharsha, J Raju Guptha, M Shravan
Abstract A fully-featured video game developed using Unity Video Game Engine developed by Unity Technologies and Objected Oriented Programming using C#. The game’s objective is to break all the blocks on the screen while guiding a ball towards them using a paddle at the bottom without letting it fall off the play area. The game consists of many game objects such as screens, assets and counters. A game object’s behavioral parameters include its physical properties (body mass, transparency, movement physics etc.) and guard conditions that control the start, end, level transitions and lose and win scenarios. While the game engine provides tools to automatically configure the physical properties, The C# script attached to the objects enforces the guard conditions for them using specialized classes and methods in pre-defined unity packages in addition to maintaining game states and score counter.
Project Title : JustReviews
Project  Id : 16MINIC-3
Guide Details : Mr. Vemula Harish, Assistant Professor
Team Members : S Vishnu, B Suchith, V V Shanmukha
Abstract Web scraping or Web harvesting is extraction of data from website.This technique is used when some part of information from an existing website is to be extracted and presented somewhere in the same or any other format. In this project we are scraping a few review websites and display only the required information to the user in as simple way as possible. For this project we have taken into account two popular fields Movies and Books i.e the websites included in the scraping are popular movie and book review websites. A user by looking at the data provided by us can easily come to a quick decision considering various reviews.
Project Title : Hospital Appointment Management System
Project  Id : 16MINIC-4
Guide Details : Mr. Pallati Narsimhulu, Associate Professor
Team Members : V Niharika, K Leelavathi, K Sreeja
Abstract An Online based appointment System in hospitals which allows the patients to check the doctor’s schedule and to fix an appointment with them. This project involves the admin who has the permission to access both the doctor and patient details by using administrator username and password. The doctor can access the website by the doctor’s name and password. The doctor’s name will be unique or else a unique id is given to all the doctors and using that they can access the patient details. The patient can register into the website by giving their personal details. After that, the patient id for every patient is created and they can login to the site by giving their username and password. If a patient logins into the website, they can see a list of available doctors with their field and timings. They can choose the doctors depending upon their needs and the available timings are already given in the table. By clicking that, an alert box will show the message that you have appointed for this doctor in the available timings.
Project Title : Health And Fitness Mate
Project  Id : 16MINIC-5
Guide Details : Ms Uma Maheswari, Assistant Professor
Team Members : Badrinath, Md. Imran, Naresh
Abstract These days everyone is busy and doesn’t have a mere interest to take care of their health. They don’t even fetch time to consult a nutrition expert or a trainer . In order to address this issue our team has come up with a project ‘Health & Fitness Mate’ , Which helps people to take care of their health and fitness. This website provides various measures to calculate BMR ,BMI and Fat percentage. In additon to this it also provides information regarding food and nutrition at one place.
Project Title : Connex
Project  Id : 16MINIC-6
Guide Details : Ms B Mahalakshmi, Assistant Professor
Team Members : B Bhavya Sree Ramya, P Santhosha Reddy
Abstract Connex is an online web application which provides virtual SlamBook experience. The user can invite his/her friends to write the slam by selecting the preferred theme and style. The invitee can accept, reject or make the invitation pending. In addition to written notes, one can record their audio notes too. The user can even set birthday alarm for any specific friend based on the details written by them in the Connex page. User has the privilege to enter the number of slam pages depending on their use. User can retrieve the information anytime. The user can experience virtual book which can reduce efforts, time and space.

Team Members :

Project Title : Dynamic web application for monitoring NSS activities
Project  Id : 16MINIC-7
Guide Details : Mr S Venu Gopal
Team Members : D Keerthana,G Apeerva, K Sucharitha Reddy
Abstract As there is a huge gap between students and NSS coordinators in the college, sometimes the information is not reaching to the students. In some cases the event participated students are facing problems regarding permissions and attendance. It is important for every student to involve in social activities but, the non NSS volunteers are not receiving any information about the NSS, So this a platform where all these problems can be resolved.
Project Title : Pick Explorer
Project  Id : 16MINIC-8
Guide Details : Mr K Kotaiah Swamy, Assistant Professor
Team Members : M Nikhitha, T Mounika, V Phalguni
Abstract In this report, we present the detailed development and implementation of the game “Pick Explorer” that we are developing . This game consists of Graphical user interface, and it’s is a mobile application developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Where the players needs to pick the image with provided name. It has a time limit. If the player does good in first level, the player will be directed to next level. The player will have only three attempts, after finishing three attempts, If the Player pick incorrect image, the game will be finished.
Project Title : Online Jobs Application
Project  Id : 16MINIC-9
Guide Details : Ms Shoba Rani, Associate Professor
Team Members : B  Abhishek, Swapnil, A Abhishek, V Sri Charan
Abstract In this the recruitment is done through online. So it will be very easy to post the jobs and hire the candidates. It can be used by both the users and companies also. *User: First he will login. In the home page he will get what are the jobs available. If he drag the navigation bar, there will be options available (Home, Applications, Settings, Profile). In that applications are the page which displays the updates of the jobs applied by the user. Profile consists the resume and the users information. Settings consists of the applications settings, add-ons and etc. (NOTE: There will be register button at the login page. By that user can be registered. It is only for the user registration.) *Companies: Companies also login with the id given to them. They will get the page which consists of the jobs which are created by them. If he drag the navigation bar, he will get the creation option in which jobs can be created. He can also check company profile. Settings also provided for them.
Project Title : Vehicle number plate recognition
Project  Id : 16MINIC-10
Guide Details : Mr V Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy,  Assistant Professor
Team Members : Chandana, V Namitha, Swetha
Abstract Number plate recognition is a form of automatic vehicle identification. A number plate is the unique identification of vehicle. Real time number plate recognition plays an important role in maintaining law enforcement and maintaining traffic rules. It has wide applications areas such as toll plaza, parking area, highly security areas, boarder’s areas etc. Number plate recognition is designed to identify the number plate and then recognize the vehicle number plate from a moving vehicle automatically. Automatic number plate recognition has two major parts: Vehicle number plate extraction, Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The developed system first detects the vehicle and then captures the vehicle image. Vehicle number plate region is extracted using the image segmentation in an image. Number plate extraction is that stage where vehicle number plate is detected and extract the number plate text. The segmented characters are normalized and passed to an OCR algorithm. At last the optical character information will be converted into encoded text. The characters are recognized using Template matching. The final output must be in the form of string of characters.
Project Title : Object Recognition
Project  Id : 16MINIC-11
Guide Details : Mr. Sai Krishna Mothuku, Assistant Professor
Team Members : K Meghana, Sanketh, K Minika
Abstract Introduction: We know humans can easily detect and recognize images but computer cannot do it easily . So , object Detection and recognition is an important task in image processing and computer vision .It is concerned with determining the identity of an object being observed in an image. Description: As this includes object detection and recognition ,which mainly aims to detect multiple objects from various types of real time objects and then recognizes after detection as particular class ,for example :if we keep pen in front of camera then it detects and recognize as pen .We train machines by giving different inputs using different machine learning algorithms .So those are used to detect and then classify those objects into different classes after recognizing them .Hence ,it deals with detecting instances of semantic objects of a certain class in digital images or videos .This can also include some of applications like face detection . Technologies: PYTHON with open CV. Conclusion: This mainly aims to detect the multiple objects from various types of images and then recognize them .This system will provide easy user interface to retrieve desired images and to classify them.
Project Title : Online food delivery services
Project  Id : 16MINIC-12
Guide Details : Mr. Y. Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy,Associate Professor
Team Members : G Sai Bhavana, L Suchithra Reddy, J Shirisha
Abstract todays world the importance for organic food growing day by day. People are hoping for healthy lives. The whole aim of our project is to provide the healthiest food, free


from chemicals and great for your body. This may improve the communication between rural and urban people. Organic food delivery services exactly aim to deliver you fresh, organic food. They do this by sourcing the produce from local farms, then boxing it up , delivering it directly to you. There’s no in-between man and there’s definitely nothing artificial. Another great benefit of organic food delivery services is that its convenient and means you support your local farmers without going out of your way to do .If there is availability, they also provide information about fruits and raw vegetables…
Project Title : EASY2BUILD
Project  Id : 16MINIC-13
Guide Details : Dr. S. Nageswara Rao,Professor
Team Members : G Akil Sagar, B Karunakar, Sai Teja
Abstract These days everyone wants to estimate the cost of constructing a house . So they do not have the idea of exact prices of the requirements. They depend on other people like builders . Builders may not give a perfect cost they take some extra money.But our team will design a website named as ‘easy-build’ will help the people to estimate the cost of the construction . Also gives the exact price and also provides the details about every product price .And also will get updated if increase or decrease in the prices. This may also further helpful for providing the legal documents for constructed houses. This project is also helpful for civil contractors that if someone requested for construction of house . This will be handovered to the constructors. Same way interior designers also get the benefit of it.And plumbers and electricians also get their work from this project.
Project Title : Sports Data Analysis and Visualization
Project  Id : 16MINIC-14
Guide Details : Dr. Rajanikanth Aluvalu,Professor
Team Members : Syed Sohail Ahmed, G Manoj, K Mrudula
Abstract Sports Data Analysis and Visualization:In today’s world, Data Analytics and Visualization are an integral part in making decisions on any kinds of domains. It also enables an organization or an individual to easily understand, assess and draw conclusions such that it can move forward and compete in real world. We try to relate different attributes of a player and compare his performance among his team members. This enables us to understand the state of the player, his capabilities and also allows us to find strengths and weaknesses. By this analysis we are also able to find outliers and try to improve their performances.
Project Title : LOCOMOTIVE
Project  Id : 16MINIC-15
Guide Details : Dr. M. A. Jabbar, Professor
Team Members : D Prabhu Shankar, P Aniketh, A Preetham, Kalyan
Abstract Locamatic is an android application which will automatically modify the wifi and audio settings of the phone based on the live tracking of location. The users need to add their current location to set of wifi zones and audio zones and can leave the rest to the app. The app will automatically track the user’s location and whenever the user enters his/her predefined silent zones, it turns the audio profile of the mobile to silent mode and whenever he/she exit that zone, it again turns the audio profile of
the mobile to normal mode. Whenever the user enters his/her pre-defined wifi zones, the app turns on the wifi and waits until it gets connected to a network. Once it gets connected to a network it will send a notification stating the entry into wifi zone and suggests the user turn off unnecessary mobile data. Once the user exits the zone, the app will turn off the wifi and notifies the user to turn on the mobile-data if required, thus performing battery optimization. The app also maintains a list of existing wifi and silent zones of every individual user. Zones can be either activated or deactivated by the user. Deactivated zones are like dead zones where the app doesn’t work. Once they are activated, the app works again at those zones. The app also allows the user to delete their saved wifi and silent zones from their saved zones
Project Title : MyShop
Project  Id : 16MINIC-16
Guide Details : Dr. Raman Dugyala, Professor
Team Members : P Nishanth, V Yashwanth, L Dinesh, B Ajay
Technology Used :
Abstract An ecommerce website commonly have a merchandising homepage central promotions and online store layout under different categories based on different objects added to website like lifestyle, goods and gadgets.It is a website with basic features necessary for ecommerce with a good design.
Project Title : People count through image processing
Project  Id : 16MINIC-17
Guide Details : Dr. D Vaishnavi, Associate Professor
Team Members : A Durga Prasad, A Sreevanth Reddy, T Adarsh Chowhan, Kiran Kumar
Abstract Using image processing coubt the number of people incoming and outgoing , by using detection algorithms and tracking algorithms.
Project Title : Arrow Escape Mobile Application
Project  Id : 16MINIC-18
Guide Details : Mr C Satya Kumar,  Associate Professor
Team Members : D Greeshma, M Jessica, D Jayanth
Abstract In this game a helium filled balloon is flying through the clear sky which is away from dark clouds. Dodge the arrows and earn points. This game contains two kinds of stars, on which will earn points and other will help the player to widen the clear sky and shorten the dark clouds.On dodging the arrows, the clear sky will reduce and sequentially dark clouds will increase.Collect all balloon sizes and win the highest score!
Project Title : Vehicle number plate recognition
Project  Id : 16MINIC-19
Guide Details : Dr Ashwani Kumar, Associate Professor
Team Members : D Jayanth, K Sharath Karthik, Rathna Kumar
Abstract Number plate recognition is a form of automatic vehicle identification. A number plate is the unique identification of vehicle. Real time number plate recognition plays an important role in maintaining law enforcement and maintaining traffic rules. It
has wide applications areas such as toll plaza, parking area, highly security areas, boarder’s areas etc. Number plate recognition is designed to identify the number plate and then recognize the vehicle number plate from a moving vehicle automatically. Automatic number plate recognition has two major parts: Vehicle number plate extraction, Optical Character Recognition (OCR). The developed system first detects the vehicle and then captures the vehicle image. Vehicle number plate region is extracted using the image segmentation in an image. Number plate extraction is that stage where vehicle number plate is detected and extract the number plate text. The segmented characters are normalized and passed to an OCR algorithm. At last the optical character information will be converted into encoded text. The characters are recognized using Template matching. The final output must be in the form of string of characters.
Project Title : Discussion Forum
Project  Id : 16MINID-1
Guide Details : Mr K Ramu  Associate Professor
Team Members : Goli Sreeja Reddy, MD. Karishma, Sri Teja
Abstract This project is all about a discussion forum. A platform where a user can get more clarity regarding his queries. Basically there is a user side and an admin side. User side: Any user who have registered can post the question. A registered user can also leave a reply to the other questions posted by other users. User also has an option to choose a subject in specific among the available subjects. Admin side: Admin leaves a reply to the questions posted by the users. Admin can also disconnect a user if the user is found to be suspicious. Admin also manages the user activities.Admin can also delete questions which are unrelated.
Project Title : CodeCorner
Project  Id : 16MINID-2
Guide Details : Ms Laxmi Sunaina  Assistant Professor
Team Members : Arun Sagar Nune, P Ram Mohan, B Lacman
Abstract Our project “CodeCorner” helps students to participate in popular coding competitions like Google Hash Code and ICPC. We also help students to learn some of the advanced concepts of computer programming like Data structures and Algorithms, Dynamic programming, Competitive Programming, and Advanced Data Structures. We also provide sample codes for Data Structures and Advanced Algorithms. In our project we provide everything online from materials to compilers which are already available online, we just bring all the various types of platforms to a single place where a student can develop his skills in programming. As most of the students are unaware of these concepts and lack behind. Our project helps students to learn these concepts on his own pace and provide all notes, resources and practicing platforms through links on our website. Our website helps them to register with various online coding challenges available on HackerEarth, HackerRank, Top Coder and SPOJ. We encourage them to solve some of the harder coding problems through this platform. We also provide some of the most popular books in the form of E-books to learn some basic concepts as well as advanced and help them to become a good programmer. Today we live in a competitive world where employers require best to work at their organizations. We help students to become the best and be the first to get hired into these organizations. In our project, we also have websites which help them to build their aptitude and verbal skills.


Project Title : Data Analysis On Titanic Dataset
Project  Id : 16MINID-3
Guide Details : Mr Bhanu Prasad  Associate Professor
Team Members : K Deelip Kumar Reddy, Bachu Shivasai, Bheemarapu Maneesha
Abstract Titanic disaster occurred early morning hours of 15 April 1912, killing about 1500 passengers and crew members. The fateful incidents still compel the researchers and analysts to understand what could have led to the survival of some passengers and demise of the others. With the use of machine learning methods and a dataset consisting of 891 rows in the train set and 418 rows in the test set, we analyze the probability of survival based on few attributes like gender, age, and social status, Some groups of people were more likely to survive than others, such as women, children, and the upper-class. Therefore, we can learn about the society priorities and privileges at the time. In this project, we use various machine learning algorithms namely Logistic Regression, and other algorithm to predict the survival of passengers. In particular, we attempt to compare these algorithms and find the algorithm which is more efficient than other algorithms.
Project Title : Automatic Library Book Renewal and Online Book Donation application
Project  Id : 16MINID-4
Guide Details : Mr G S Prasad Reddy, Assistant Professor
Team Members : Dileepkumarreddy, G Rishikesh, Niharika
Abstract The project is created keeping in view of the convenience to the students. The present library system is inefficient without physical presence of faculty. Normally, in our college library we submit our library cards and take books. After 15 days of taking the book we need to renew it and if we haven’t renew it on the 15th day we need to submit that book and need to pay for the delay in the submission. So there are many problems with this renewal process, 1. If many students have to renewal at the same time then students have to wait in the queue till their turn comes. 2. Students may forget about renewal date. 3. Unavailability of renewing staff during lunch hours, as most of the students go to library to renew books at lunch time they may face problem. Here, we are providing the solution by creating an app that takes login details i.e, roll no and respective password provided by our college and after login it contains the details of the books taken by the user and it contains a scan button to scan the barcode on the book and this button is active only on the 15thday and a notification will be sent on the day of renewal. This app helps to renewal a particular book only 3times and after completion of 3rd time he has to submit the book in the library and take new book. Book donation is also possible with this application. The details of the donor and details of books are stored in the database which he/she has donated. The other students can use the books which are donated by others.
Project Title : Recommender systems in E-Commerce
Project  Id : 16MINID-5
Guide Details : Ms Laxmi Sunaina  Assistant Professor
Team Members : Rishika, Yashashwi, Maneesha
Abstract Recommender Systems or Recommendation Systems is a subclass of information filtering systems that seeks to predict a “rating” or “preference” that a user would give to an item. Recommender Systems are used in variety of areas, mostly used in e-commerce sites to filter the products according to the user’s interest. Internet is speeding up and modifying the manner in which daily tasks such as online shopping, paying bills, etc are accomplished. To stay competitive, markets need to provide different products and services to different customers with different needs. Markets need to customize customers need while providing more options. Recommender Systems allow rapid and automated customization and personalization of ecommerce sites. They allow the sites to generate more sales by tailoring to needs of the visitors and turning them in to customers. Information based on user demographics, item attributes , and user preferences are gathered. From this dataset useful information is extracted which is referred as Knowledge Discovery in Dataset. Using an appropriate Recommendation System and Recommendation Techniques are used to generate recommendations for users.
Project Title : Image segregation system


Project  Id : 16MINID-6
Guide Details : Dr Shitharth, Assistant Professor
Team Members : Kopparthi Sai Venkat Reddy, Konjarla Mounisha, Srujan
Abstract We are going to build a software/tool that classifies the photos based on given input.(Specific person’s image). DETAILED EXPLANATION: Getting into detailed explanation by an example, Eg: Take a case of an album that has our friend’s group photo and my selfies. So I need to separate all the photos where I’m present. It takes much time in selecting each and every photo of mine before sharing. So to avoid that, you just need to take a set of selfie pic of a person’s face to which you want to share to, and give it to the software. Our tool will add filters to that set of photos, train it and gets to the conclusion of his face. Now a folder full of group photos is given as input. Our tool will segregate all the photos which is matching the filtered/trained face. References:- Programming language – Python Open cv using python Packages like face recognition, os, pickle, dlib etc. Face recognition algorithms and haarcascades Usage: If this software/tool is built as an Android app or this feature is added with camera application , it would become easier to share the photos of our friends and its much time saving.
Project Title : Networked Infobox
Project  Id : 16MINID-7
Guide Details : Mr A Ramesh  Assistant Professor
Team Members : N.Pranaya Reddy, Gudla Rahul, N Rishitha
Abstract Networked Infobox is an application which will automate a lot of activities in a school or college or office etc depending upon the usage that is expected by different organizations. They can display info of all teachers in various departments, display timetable for students, display results of students. They can display info related to any holidays or info related to any fees collection scenarios or any common regulations that are announced by management. In the same way, it can be used by colleges also. In this project, we will aim to provide a way to automate the way in which notice board messages can be updated, deleted or removed. Provide access to students/ professors or administrative etc officers to different features which will provide various information. All the updates like, add, delete, view are done by admin, so that user will get the updated current information through notice board online.
Project Title : Dream Destination
Project  Id : 16MINID-8
Guide Details : Mr V L N Murthy  Assistant Professor
Team Members : Jagpreeth Kaur, P.Divya, M Shiva Kumar
Abstract The main aim of this project is to make it convenient to the tourist to find the best travel package and further details required for their trip. This project will help tourist to select the best Travel Package among all the package deals on the web. The tourist will select a travel package for a particular place based on their own interests and recommendations provided by previous customers who had experience with the package. Initially, we will gather tourist details and their duration of trip, then we will provide the suggestions of the best places. Based on the data collected we will generate a list of personalized travel package recommendations. After the travel package is decided the specific guides and their details will also be provided if required. Finally, the reviews about their trip and experience will be extracted from the tourists.
Project Title : Arena Happening
Project  Id : 16MINID-9
Guide Details : Mr M. A. Ranjith Kumar , Assistant Professor
Team Members : Meghana, Koram Hari Prasad, B K Arjun
Abstract This project is mainly based on the management of auditorium of Vardhaman engineering college. It keeps track of auditorium status and advance bookings along with the associated event details. The Event manager can easily check the auditorium bookings and timings. He has the authority of the system and he is responsible for approving and disapproving the particular department request for auditorium booking. There is a department registration, where department needed to register itself and then it can start booking the auditorium for any particular events. If there is any clash of events between any two departments the event manager will warn them and avoid that clash. Here the clash can be between any two departments booking an event in auditorium for same date .The booking requests are directly sent to the event manager account , he can therefore make decisions for approving or disapproving requests. This system will provide details of departments and their status of booking. We can easily get information about any event by its particular date or by event name.
Project Title : V-Chat
Project  Id : 16MINID-10
Guide Details : Mr A Ramesh, Assistant Professor
Team Members : Sachin Reddy, Muniganti Srikanth, T Aravind
Abstract “V-Chat” – a simple, lightweight and on-the-go Desktop chat application built using Sockets in Python which works on LAN provides a secure and hassle-free communication between people within an organization even in the absence of Internet. The messages are volatile and the application does not demand a database backup which also adds up to the security of information. The application is quite simple to use as it comes with an intuitive GUI and is only a click away.
Project Title : Image Matching
Project  Id : 16MINID-11
Guide Details : Ms Uma Maheswari  Assistant Professor
Team Members : N Leela Prasad, Shiva Kumar Reddy, Bhanu Prakash
Abstract Image Mapping is a simple game where the player’s challenge is to match the n number of pairs of images. At the start of the game, the player is given 10 seconds of time to grasp the images i.e., when player moves cursor on the image, the image is displayed and the image swaps out when the cursor is moved out from that image position. Then the actual game is started. There will be three levels in this game. Images are shuffled for every new game. At Higher Levels for every mismatch images are shuffled.
Project Title : Coding Center
Project  Id : 16MINID-12
Guide Details : Mr K Ramu  Associate Professor
Team Members : Suryadevara Karpooravally, Vishnu Vardhan Korukuntunna, Bazequa Fatima
Abstract The main idea of this project is to design a compiler that compiles source code in C, C++, Java and generate compiler messages in case of errors. Execute the compilers source code and show the result of execution. To implement a compiler, we will use NodeJS a server-side language. NodeJS has a module called compile-run enables to run commands to compile and execute source code. This requires to set up the environment like install gcc, g++ and JDK to compile C, C++, Java programs. To design Front End, for the best feel of the coder, HTML, JS, and CSS will be used.
Project Title : Travel Package Recommendation System
Project  Id : 16MINID-13
Guide Details : Mr A Bhanu Prasad, Associate Professor
Team Members : S Krishna chaitanya, K Rahul Reddy, K Siddartha,
Abstract The recent past showed a greater interest in recommender techniques. Now-a days there are many travel packages existing from different websites to almost all the places over the world. A customer finds it very difficult to search for the best package as he/she has to browse multiple websites, contact many travel agents and etc. which is a tedious process and is time consuming. There should be a system where the user should find the best package on the Internet with a single click. To address this issue, we adopt Travel Package Recommendation System which offers the best package among all the other packages that are on the web. This project will help tourist to suggest the best Travel Package among all the package deals on the web. On multiple demands of tourist that is, a customer will select a travel package for a particular place based on the recommendations provided by the previous customers who had experience with the package. Therefore, according to the personalized recommendations, he/she will choose the best package that is on the web. Initially, we will evaluate the particular characteristics of the current traveling packages and we mine the data on the tourists rating and the intrinsic features i.e., locations, travel seasons etc. Based on the data collected after mining, we will generate a list for personalized travel package recommendations. Furthermore, we will extract the data based on the tourist’s relation with the area and season.
Project Title : PROJECT-HUB
Project  Id : 16MINID-14
Guide Details : Mr Ganesh Deshmukh , Assistant Professor
Team Members : Ambarla Sriram, Gurrala Rashik Reddy, Anvesh Reddy
Abstract These days we are aware that many of the creative projects done by the students come to halt due to lack of funding and awareness. Even we can’t sell our projects due to lack of resources. We came up with a solution for this problem by creating an online platform where the students can exhibit their projects and acquire funding. Even new students will also gain information from referring the previous projects for queries. Investors can fund the projects they are interested in and acquire all the legal rights by payment of a fixed amount. Students from different communities can come together on to a single platform to share their ideas and create innovative projects. Outcomes: 1. Our platform will act as an interface between students and industry people. 2. Students can make money out of there innovative ideas. 3.

Investors can fund on creative ideas of students.

Project Title : Online Examination Portal
Project  Id : 16MINID-15
Guide Details : Mr Ganesh Deshmukh , Assistant Professor
Team Members : Manideep, Raja Ram, Tanniru Madhusudhan
Abstract There are many reasons for a system to be computerized . The foremost among them is the speed, efficiency and accuracy. A computer system can satisfy all the requirements of the user much efficiently than the manual system with its tedious paper work. Online Examination helps the students for appearing the exam by online. Its mission is to offer a quick and easy way to appear the exam and it also provide the result immediately after the exam. The user can enter to write the exam only with their valid username and password. The administrator creates question paper. The aim of our project is to develop a website that will help the students and our web application Saves time as it displays the results as the test gets over.It is automatically generated by the server. Administrator has a privilege to create,modify and delete the questions papers and its Particular questions.
Project Title : Rapid Trade Car Sales System
Project  Id : 16MINID-16
Guide Details : Dr Prabhakar Kandukuri, Associate Professor
Team Members : Y.Venkat Reddy, Vaishnavi.M, Nagasai Thimavanth
Abstract  Car sales and review system was introduced as a platform to sell ,review the cars and know the bookings that have already been done. In earlier days cars were sold in garages and showrooms. People had to go the showrooms personally to know the specifications, price and other details of the car. Booking and payment methods were also done manually which was a tedious and delaying process. They faced complexity to have a comparison among the cars they wished to buy. To overcome this problem, Car sales and reviewing system platform was developed on an online basis which was a revolutionary idea. In comparison to the existing systems, the proposed system will be efficient in providing a market for dealers to sell cars in a single platform and will also give the customer a simple but efficient platform to communicate, comment, express his views on the various cars offered by the dealer. It allows the users to know the specifications, price details, reviews given by the previous customers and enables him to book a car of his choice by knowing the
complete details of the car on a single platform . The customer can save alot of time and can have a user friendly accessibility as he can check cars of different brands on a single system. Now a days many online websites are just acting as a medium of selling the car, but this system enhances them to know the product comparisons, reviews given by the previous customers which would help them in the process of buying a car of their choice.
Project Title : Codependency
Project  Id : 16MINID-17
Guide Details : Ms B Mahalakshmi Assistant Professor
Team Members : Sruthi Chincheti, Yashwanth, Praveen
Abstract Codependency is a platform for programmers who compete in competitive programming. This platform allows users to share their code and be notified in their work. We believe that instantly scraping and sharing the problem statement and seeking an explanation for the solved problem from a known source is a huge advancement in problem solving ability.
Project Title : Restaurant Table Booking and Order
Project  Id : 16MINID-18
Guide Details : Dr Prabhakar Kandukuri Associate Professor
Team Members : Mankal Rohith Kumar, Monica, Karan
Abstract Restaurants are trending for business category on the internet and many restaurants now have a website. A well-designed website will attract new customers to your restaurant, online reservations are increasing rapidly with so many consumers seeking out restaurants via the web, and a well-designed website for a restaurant needs a few key elements that a customer looking to book would want to see. So, we present you this system where a web application for the admin and restaurant completes the package of restaurant & bookings. The user can browse through number of restaurants on the basis of cuisines and check for all their details and pictures uploaded by the restaurant, and the user can book it by selecting the tables as well and other functionalities. The user can cancel and check his booking history or even review his previous experiences with the restaurant. While the admin is responsible to check the booking history or user list and manage tables. The restaurant user can check all the booking and enter check and check out status or even block a user from booking it again.
Project Title : Chat Box for Counselor Management
Project  Id : 16MINID-20
Guide Details : Mr Vemula Harish Assistant Professor
Team Members : M Rithesh Reddy, Sunayana, Pranay
Abstract The project is for the interaction between the students and their respective counseling faculty. In our college, we rarely find the counselors interacting with their prescribed students due to a variety of reasons. In this we can interact about the academic problems, attendance and many other issues. In this website we have a login page for students, counselors as well as student’s parent. The students can access the page with their respective college ID (roll numbers) and passwords provided to them. In this student portal, the student can find a variety of options which also includes chat option, using which they may communicate with their counselors. Even the counselors are given a login ID and password and with a list of all prescribed students for counseling. The counselor will also be able to reply to the student in the chat box itself. And in parent login, the parent’s are also provided with a unique login ID and password with which they can view their child marks and can communicate with counselor directly regarding their child.


Project  Id : 16MINID-21
Guide Details : Mr Shrawan Kumar Assistant Professor
Team Members : Satla Rahul, Santhosh, Praneeth Sasanapuri
Abstract The main idea of this project is used to maintain the College Event information and organize the event and to send details of the event to the student through mail. The main purpose of this project is to simplify the process of handling each event by providing a web interface for admin, teacher and students. The admin part consists of multiple modules where admin or the authorized person need to add the event and type of event (indoor or outdoor). This provides college management to schedule events online and assign student volunteers for an event. System allows admin to add teachers who will conduct the particular event activity which is allotted by the admin itself, also can view the student registration for a particular event and lastly, viewing the results of all events held in college. Teacher performs various task such as taking the attendance of the students who are registered for a particular event, viewing the list of students to mark the winner of each round, generating the results based on multiple rounds won by the student and also can view the 1st, 2nd and 3rd standings of student’s name for the particular event. Student interface consist of viewing and getting registered for the event of their choice, pay the event activity fees if applicable and can view all the registered events. The registered students will get a mail regarding events and they can easily register the event.