Profile of Student Welfare Cell

Student Affairs Cell is currently operating from Room No.-3019, Block-3 with necessary facilities such as a meeting venue, computing facilities among others. One faculty member from each department coordinates with the Cell to organize the student activities. There are totally 8 Technical and 8 Non Technical student clubs under the aegis of Student Affairs Cell .Each student  club is led by 3 to 5 Students as office bearers.

About Student welfare Cell

Student Welfare Cell provides an ideal platform for students to participate in Co-Curricular and Extracurricular activities. Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities at Vardhaman College of Engineering provide a platform for students to hone their leadership, interpersonal, intrapersonal and team skills with strong ethics and enhance their physical fitness too as a significant part of a student’s overall development.  Fests and events are conducted comprehensively during the academic year through which the students get an opportunity to showcase their talent in distinct areas. The events and fests motivate the students to think innovatively and improve their exposure to a host of co-curricular activities. The campus life in the college is as enriching and enlightening as core academics. Office of Student Welfare encourages co-curricular and extracurricular activities for UG/PG students from their first year. The mandate of the Student Welfare Office is to coordinate and regulate all aspects of student life at Vardhaman College of Engineering. These activities are voluntary and promote self-development, help to understand the societal needs, and develop civic sense in the students’ minds.

With this in view, various Associations, Clubs etc. have been promoted in the campus under the aegis of Student Welfare Cell. The student associated activities are overseen by the Associate Dean (Student Affairs). The activities taken up under Student Welfare Cell is to, build community and belonging on campus, lifelong friendship and human connections, explore hobbies and passions, serve the local and global community using academic experiences, develop leadership competencies and career skills.