Startups on campus

A Startup plan/concept documentation is a document that comprehensively presents a Startup idea. It works as a roadmap to outline all the Startup/concept related details and defines how you are going to design and develop the Startup idea/concept documentation to operate as an entrepreneur. It works as a guidebook for you, your coworkers and your team and lets you keep track of everything involved.

A Startup plan/concept documentation helps us validate a concept and feasibility of the idea when you’re trying to gain support from third parties, such as college or any outside investors.


  • The first part involves stating the problem in an emphatic way. At this point, you’re trying to illustrate a pain point to your prospect and make sure he or she can indeed recognize it as a day-to-day struggle.
  • Once a pain-point is brought to light and your prospect comes to realize its severe presence, your solution starts to be perceived differently → more favorably.
  • Draw prospects’ attention towards the benefits that are most essential for their particular requirements.

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