Vice Chairman's Desk

M Rajashekar Reddy

Shri M. Rajashekar Reddy

Vice Chairman

Vardhaman College of Engineering was established with the aim of fostering academic excellence and creating an enriching atmosphere for the holistic development of young individuals. The institution has achieved numerous milestones over the course of more than two decades, year by year, embracing the latest advancements in technological research and its practical application. During this time frame, it has emerged as a prominent engineering college in Hyderabad. Vardhaman College of Engineering is dedicated to nurturing aspiring engineers with global perspective deeply rooted in Indian traditions.


We are blessed with a harmonious blend of educational pursuits and a dynamic setting that serves as motivation for all stakeholders it the administration, faculty members or students -to perform at their utmost potential. Our institution is fortunate to have an exceptionally capable and committed core faculty team. Beyond their exceptional teaching skills, our faculty members actively engage in shaping the intellect of budding engineers.


We strongly students to take advantage of our top-notch teaching and learning resources. Our primary objective is to produce a cadre of skilled, innovative, and proactive professionals for the engineering industry, self-employment endeavors and for roles within academic and research institutions with significant socio-economic significance.


Shri M. Rajshekhar Reddy
Vice Chairman