Vision, Mission and Core Values


  • To be a pioneer institute and leader in engineering education to address societal needs through education and practice.


  • To adopt innovative student centric learning methods.
  • To enhance professional and entrepreneurial skills through industry institute interaction.
  • To train the students to meet the dynamic needs of society.
  • To promote research and continuing education.

Quality Policy

  • We at Vardhaman College of Engineering, endeavor to uphold excellence in all spheres by adopting the best practices in effort and effect.

Core Values:

Academic Integrity

  • Achieving success by being sincere, loyal and ethical in all our practices.

  Typical Actions

  • We are sincere and committed in what we do.
  • We conduct ourselves professionally and lead by example to all.
  • We respond to a given situation rather than reacting.


Mutual Respect

  • Extending courtesy to all the stakeholders and promoting a culture of inclusion and fairness.

  Typical Actions

  • We treat each other with dignity, courtesy and respect.
  • We treat students impartially.
  • We give due credit to others whenever it is due.


Social Responsibility

  • Being responsible citizens, share our collective achievements and contributions to the world around us.

  Typical Actions

  • We work together to maintain a safe and healthy campus where we live, learn and work.
  • We collaborate, share knowledge and celebrate our collective achievements.
  • We act with empathy and kindness to students while nurturing them.



  • Accountable for our actions to the stakeholders in general and students in particular.

  Typical Actions

  • We take responsibility for our actions, decisions and the results.
  • We practice ownership of our resources, managing them prudently and ethically.
  • We strive to do our best in every situation to uphold the institution’s values.



  • Embrace change as a path to progress, success and innovation.

  Typical Actions

  • We embrace change that enables progress and innovation.
  • We challenge the status quo and speak up when we find a better way to do something.
  • We work with full potential and continuously expanding our knowledge, skills and capabilities.



  • Become a change agent to performance, innovation and student success.

  Typical Actions

  • We embrace change that enables progress and innovation.
  • We are committed to promoting entrepreneurship among the interested students.
  • We provide self-learning opportunities to the students to nurture their knowledge, skills and capabilities.